December is sort of dull but that's a good thing. 30+ reviews in the past two months almost killed me.

The only reason to watch the VGAs…

I honestly don't care about the winners because I don't put much stock in this pop culture fiasco. I tend to prefer the AIAS awards, which don't get handed out until next year. But if I do tune in at all, it'll be due to the debut of Resistance 3 gameplay footage . Sometimes, it seems like I'm the only person alive who really loves this series, but I'm never sure why . Obviously, many critics have really liked both installments, and both sold relatively well. But whether it's because the Call of Duty mania overshadows all other FPSs or Killzone 2 sort of made Resistance 2 passe, too many are overlooking R3. This game is going to be awesome. Killzone 3 will be amazing, too, but the two franchises are very, very different. I play both for different reasons and both satisfy in different ways.

I'm not sure exactly what they're going to show, but I'm excited. You can tell by that live action trailer that Insomniac and Co. are putting a ton of effort into this production. Maybe it'll come out for the holiday 2011 season…? Can't wait.

Jaffe can have an opinion…others shouldn't voice theirs

David Jaffe shouldn't have been surprised when a leading, insinuating article was written at Destructoid (it's the only type of article they produce, really) concerning the designer's PlayStation preference . As I said in our forums , Jaffe and Sony go way back; it was Sony that really started the Twisted Metal guru on his career, and he has never had anything bad to say about any working relationship with the corporation. But I don't think he should've been surprised at the hostile responses posted in the aforementioned article. Not only should he have expected it but he also should've ignored it. Not because he didn't have a right to reply – he most certainly did – but because it's pointless. The people to whom he was responding don't care about logic or common sense or rational explanations. If they did, they wouldn't be hostile and childish.

The point is, Jaffe and any other proven developer can voice their opinions whenever they so choose, and I'll be willing to read them. The ones posing as virtual bullies and elitists from behind the anonymous cloak of the Internet…? I'm sorry, but do we even care what they say or think? The mistake is giving them any attention whatsoever.

Personal gaming update

Now that things have calmed down, I've been trying to push forward in Brotherhood . But because I got it into my head early on that I wanted 100% memory synch for everything, I'm getting myself into trouble…getting 100% on all of Leonardo's machines is a colossal pain in the ass (effing tank), and I'm a little worried about what future requirements I'll have to satisfy. I'm not bothering with getting all the flags or treasures, but I do want 100% renovation of Rome and 100% memory synch, and I have a bad feeling it's going to take a loooong time.

I say "bad feeling" because Gran Turismo 5 and Fable III are still sitting here, mostly untouched. I took a small break to play nail'd for a while – just because it's so damn fun – but other than that, it's all about attacking Assassin's Creed . The good news: nothing I plan to play until Dead Space 2 on January 25.

Notice to PSXE Readers: You may remember us accepting your questions for Insomniac, so we could publish an interview concerning Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One . I've been forgetting to tell everyone but those questions have long since been answered. The reason we're holding off is because Insomniac asked us to; they didn't want the interview to get lost in the crazy fall shuffle. We understand that, of course. So just stay tuned. Also, don't be surprised if around the time that Q&A goes live we start accepting questions for Resistance 3

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