Wow…I might finally be able to play games I want to play now. The review blitz appears to be over.

CoD Online BETTER remain free

And I don't say that because I play it online a lot; in fact, I don't ever play it nor do I intend to. I say it because considering the situation, the publisher absolutely positively does not need added income on top of the $1 billion+ each installment generates. Modern Warfare 2 topped that ridiculous number and after $650 million in the first week for Black Ops , I'm sure the latest entry will move into the absurd billion-dollar range. Yes, EA has their Online Pass but when it comes to Call of Duty specifically, I can't imagine why Activision would need to monetize the online play. So when I heard a big boss say they would "never charge" for said service , I sort of went, "…yeah, and you better not . Hell do you need it for?" Yes, we all know Activision likes money, but all publishers like money.

I have no problem with Black Ops (besides the fact that they released a somewhat shoddy product in terms of technical polish), but I do have a problem with needless money hunting in the face of gigantic revenue numbers. I can't wait for them to try to convince us they're losing money on the cost of maintaining the servers for CoD online. As if the DLC and overall profit stream isn't enough. I'm just waiting .

Not sure if I'll ever care about Mass Effect

You would think I'd love it, if only because of the lack of RPGs I really want to play this generation. And I admit I didn't try the sequel, although I'll probably try to review it next year when it comes to the PS3. But the original really left a bad taste in my mouth – I still say it's little more than a mediocre third-person shooter combined with an okay story and a few RPG elements – and that remains. Everyone is excited over the possibility of a Mass Effect 3 teaser video at the Spike VGAs, but I'm having trouble caring. Maybe it's just because I still prefer the traditional sword 'n staff setting rather than the sci-fi theme. After all, I can't wait for Dragon Age II …but those games play very differently, don't they? They also feature very different design styles and environments, so…

But maybe my mind will change when I try ME2, and then I can get all hyped up for ME3. For the time being, I'll stick with Dragon Age and Fable III .  No turn-based in sight but whatever.

Personal gaming update

As I said before, the deluge of new releases has finally abated and I can play three games I actually want to play: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood , Fable III and Gran Turismo 5 . I haven't started the latter but I'm knee deep in Brotherhood and I know for a fact I'll have to finish it before focusing on something else. I'm actually thinking that something else might be Fable III rather than GT5…the racer will take up a lot of my time, and I'm really aching to play an RPG. Besides, I've got almost two months until the next game that I want hits store shelves ( Dead Space 2 ), so time shouldn't be an issue. I played the first hour of Fable III just to get a look at it. I have no comments just yet but I do have high hopes.

And maybe, just maybe, if everything goes smoothly and I have plenty of time, I'll pick an old-school RPG to go through again. I was actually thinking about DQVIII or Suikoden III

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