I get it. I do. I know the role-playing genre has changed forever and can't revert, and I know that JRPGs have either disappeared or tried so hard to become WRPGs, that the sub-genres have blended into one another. I also have a terrible feeling that even if Konami granted my wish, they'd wreck the project by turning it into a real-time hack 'n slash. But I'm still allowed to hope.

To this day, I say the Suikoden franchise is the second-best role-playing series ever, second only to Final Fantasy . Considering the number of RPGs I've played over the years, you know I don't say such things lightly. But while it was 2nd-best in my eyes, it was a distant 2nd and the huge shadow that was FF (back in the day when Squaresoft ruled the world) always eclipsed Suikoden . If Square's unbelievable games weren't so mind-bogglingly amazing, I'd feel seriously miffed at this, because Suikoden deserved a ton more credit. I also think it's fair to note that even after derailing with Suikoden IV , Konami actually righted the ship with Suikoden V . How many franchises returned to glory so quickly?

But besides that, four of the five titles in question all featured great stories, interesting twists on the standard turn-based combat formula, and of course, that always-engrossing 108 Stars of Destiny setup. Oh yes, I got all 108 in every entry and yes, I do have an original, mint-condition copy of Suikoden II …and no, you can't have it. I've gone back to play the original title more than a few times and I've always wanted to go through Suikoden III again. I just loved the way the latter was set up, too; seeing the story through three different sets of eyes, in any order you wished. And I loved Chris; I made her my Flame Champion. 🙂 It was always that emphasis on story, great world design, and army recruitment that kept me involved.

Now Konami, please bring me Suikoden VI . And no, not on the freakin' DS or PSP. A full role-playing adventure for the PS3 and that, at the very least, is distinctly Suikoden in nature. I know everyone only plays shooters these days and and I know the world just doesn't care about RPGs anymore, but I refuse to believe I'm the only one who wants a sixth Suikoden . I can't be the only one. I just can't .