Just as Call of Duty week ebbs, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Gran Turismo 5 weeks loom large…

Hey, so, L.A. Noire looks good all of a sudden

I only say "all of a sudden" because in all honesty, the game had completely fallen off my radar. I really wasn't even convinced it was a "go" project and half anticipated a cancellation announcement from Rockstar. But then they went and surprised me by releasing an all-new trailer . Of course, we didn't get any gameplay, but at least we finally got a look at the atmosphere and visual and animation quality. We also caught some great voice acting and a few hints at what should be an engrossing, well-written story. The hype has fallen off over time but I do remember that hopes – at one time – were really high. And while L.A. Noire has a long way to go before it cracks my "most anticipated" list, I'd say that video got it part way there.

I'm really hoping for some Heavy Rain type elements, a story the game deserves, and an authentic, believable environment. The last thing this game needs is endless, over-the-top gunfights and action…keep that in GTA. In this case, I'm looking for a little something different, as should you.  I just can't wait to see more.

I'll listen to anything Ueda says

Anybody who had a hand in designing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus has my eternal respect, and Fumito Ueda could cement his status as a development legend if The Last Guardian is everything it could be… I really liked that interview Ueda gave, where he talked about the focus on "narrative production," some gameplay info, and the pressure involved when dealing with a highly expectant group of fans. Yes, we definitely expect nothing but brilliance, which must be a little stressful. But does anyone doubt the final result? I suppose my only concern right now lies in the control aspect; depending on who you talk to, some found the control in both ICO and SotC to be iffy. Personally, I don't believe those "iffy" controls were flawed; I believe the designers did it the way they wanted. I.e., the boy in SotC wasn't a superhero and hence, he should move like a boy.

But anyway, I've heard and seen nothing but amazing things when it comes to Team ICO's newest project. I know we have to wait until late next year but I don't care; this game could very well be revolutionary.

Personal gaming update

Finished Vanquish (finally), James Bond 007: Blood Stone (fun, but not worth $60), and I'm near the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops (about where I've been since doing the review). I'll finish that and while I really want to start Fable III , I'm afraid I have another busy week and both Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are staring me right in the face. At this rate, with GT5 now set for November 24 , I may not start Fable III until next year. I knew I shouldn't have bought a long game in the midst of all this insanity. By the way, you can expect a Dead Nation review later on Monday. Sorta looking forward to that one.

All I'll add about Black Ops is that it's a great game that simply needed more polishing (from the PS3/PC standpoint, at any rate). Maybe I'll go finish it now.