If you're a long-time PSXE reader, you know we like to be…well, eclectic when it comes to our interviews. We don't do too many but when we do, we like to be sorta special. It's why we've done everything from Dr. Khanna and the PS3 Gravity Grid to Piano Squall to The Pornstar Gamer to The Real God of War . Sure, we talk to guys like David Jaffe and Jack Buser, too, but really, "eclectic" is our interview theme.

And that's why we had a few questions for one of the hot new bands that's going to lend a lot of zip to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit . Meet Hadouken! These guys are heavy into games and their style seems a perfect fit for the madcap racing action in NFS.

PSXE: How long have you guys been gaming, and what are your favorite types/genres?

Hadouken: "We've all been gaming since we were kids. My first console was the NES with Super Mario and Duck Hunt. Right now we play a bit of everything, we've got a PS3 on the bus and an Xbox at home and are currently playing FIFA 11, Battlefield: Bad Company, Street Fighter 4, Assassin's Creed 2, Medal of Honour and Call of Duty."

PSXE: Have you always thought about putting your music in video games, or did that opportunity surprise you? And do you plan to make more game music in the future?

Hadouken: "It wasn't really something we had considered until we were approached by EA but it's something we're really excited about. For us it's a great opportunity to reach out to people who might not otherwise hear about our band in a really direct way. We've not recorded any music specifically for games yet, only licensed tracks we've already released. However, we're currently working on our third album and will certainly be keen to get some of the tracks off that on some games if possible."

PSXE: Music has become more and more important to the industry this generation. Do you agree that a quality soundtrack greatly enhances the immersion?

Hadouken: "Absolutely, the right soundtrack can really add to the excitement of a game so it's great that people like EA are reaching out to up and coming bands and finding new talent to use in their games to achieve the best effect."

PSXE: Do you think we should have more original compositions for games, or should developers pursue more licensed tracks from established artists?

Hadouken: "I think it depends entirely on the game and on the artist, we feel like some of our album material works well on gaming soundtracks so we'll continue to go down the licensing route. However I just heard that Noisia (who produced our second album 'For The Masses) are composing music for Motorstorm 3 which I'm sure will be amazing."

PSXE: Need for Speed is an iconic franchise. What's your reaction to being involved with such a recognizable and well-respected name in gaming history?

Hadouken: "We're thrilled, it's a legendary franchise and we've played it ourselves for years so we're really pleased to be involved in the next part of their story."

PSXE: Do you think other bands should look to games for a big break and/or more exposure? In other words, would you consider it a good career move for up-and-coming musicians?

Hadouken: "It's hard to say, whilst the numbers of people playing games is huge it's hard to say how many of those who hear a track they like on a game then go to the effort of checking out the credits to see who it's by and then track down their album or come to a show. We've certainly heard some people who say they've discovered us in this way but I think it's still important for bands to go down traditional routes of building a fan base."

PSXE: What do you think of Hot Pursuit? We assume you've seen some of it…do you think it'll be what the long-time NFS fans want?

Hadouken: "We went down to EA offices in Guildford to see a demo of it and it really does look awesome. The cars look incredible and it feels stupidly fast bombing round the tracks, we can't wait to get our hands on a finished copy. I'm sure NFS fans will be more than satisfied!"

End Interview

It's great to see more evolving bands contributing to the world of gaming, isn't it? And you have to admit, these guys have quite the flair. To learn more about the band, feel free to check out their official site and for another bit of music, here's the M.A.D. video . …I'm sorry, but that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It just is. Props to the boys on the giant mouse suit.

We'll have a few albums to give away, along with a few copies of the game.  I'll figure out how to give them away in due time. ­čśë  And thanks to Hadouken! for answering our questions.  We hope the NFS experience is a good one for you!

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