I really can't settle upon a decent topic for this week's editorial, so it's time to dip into the grab-bag of odds and ends.

Medal of Honor is great, but…

I'm in the minority when it comes to Medal of Honor and while I will defend it against critics who don't seem to be reviewing the same game, the short campaign still bugs me. Everyone says multiplayer isn't hurting anything and that it's better to have a 5-hour campaign and awesome multiplayer these days, but I'm not so sure. The number of people who would greatly appreciate a fantastic 15-hour campaign with a solid storyline and great character development is higher than developers believe. And if multiplayer didn't exist and all resources could be dedicated to single-player…well, you see where I'm going with this. Just saying.

GT5 better not miss 2010

Even the most die-hard fan might get pissed if gets pushed too far. I understand the apparent need for the delay but really, it's all starting to chafe. Yamauchi can apologize all he wants (it probably isn't even his fault this time) but in the end, gamers only see a date…or lack thereof. No good. Just release it.

Not a nail…but a bolt?

Had a bolt the size of my little finger taken out of my tire today. …had no idea something that big and blunt could even puncture a tire…must've run over it on the highway or something. Amazing that it only resulted in a slow leak. Weird.

The PSP has cool stuff, you know.

All sorts of RPGs, for one. I've been seeing a lot and let's not forget about the new God of War . We often opine the loss of traditional-style role-playing but we should be specific: it's only dead on consoles; on handhelds, it can still be found. Cladun: This is an RPG is a good example of that; try it if you haven't already. Oh, and I have to give ZHP a shot…I've got the code. Just been busy.

I forgot…weddings are a big deal

In my own insular little world, I had forgotten that weddings are like all-weekend extravaganzas now. And if you're in the wedding party – as I was – there's like…a lot of stuff to do. Not that I minded in the least; it was for someone I've known since I was about 6 years old, so I was happy to do it. Still, the whole thing gets one thinking about a million different things at once. Hard to put into words, really.

Maybe I'll get Fable III

I liked the first but missed the second, and depending on when GT5 comes out, I may have time. Then again, I also want to play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and of course, there are a ton of reviews waiting…we'll have to see. It's just that, besides Gears of War 3 , I can't think of anything I want for the 360 and I've been looking. Forgot Fable III is out this month. Hmm…

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