Extremely busy weekend for me, but not for game reasons. Anyway, I'll explain more in a bit.

I hope people get excited for Resistance 3

I guess I'm in the minority when I say I love both Resistance games. The first was the only fantastic game available for the launch of the PlayStation 3, and I recall being immensely impressed with it. Then, although many didn't like the changes they made for the sequel, I loved that, too. The single-player campaign was awesome; even more epic in scope and even more entertaining. Yeah, I know they changed the control scheme a bit but I think it worked exceedingly well, and I even I liked the 60-player option for online multiplayer. And yeah, we won't get Hale back , but I never really thought he was crucial to the series, anyway. I'm just super excited that the third title is on the way, although I have a feeling it may be overshadowed. We'll have already had Killzone 3 , after all, not to mention Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops .

That all being said, I know the competition in the FPS genre is stupid high but unless I miss my guess, Insomniac is a damn talented studio, and they make damn good games. To me, Resistance is just plain top-quality fun from start to finish and I don't expect anything less from the next entry.

Okay, so it's coming…now, is it any good?

I think we all have to believe Gearbox when they say they're "dead sure" that Duke Nukem Forever will arrive next year. The game has been seen, previewed, detailed, and explained, and the designers have said they're basically done. Maybe nothing can stop it now. However, we'll have to shift from the "wow, I can't believe it's actually coming!" revelation to the "…but how good will it be?" mentality. I don't think anyone has seen enough to be sure of the final outcome and while Gearbox is competent, I'm not 100% convinced. And just for a moment, let's examine the expectations…what are they, really? I suppose one could make the argument that after 13 years, if it isn't the greatest thing we've ever seen, it'll be considered a failure. But I'm not so sure that's accurate. I think many have forgotten about it and in truth, I think a lot of people believe it'll flop hardcore.

What do you think? Where does the hype stand? Super high or super low? Personally, I'm just hoping for a game worth playing; I don't need the second coming. Duke's attitude, atmosphere and mood should be enough for me, provided they do it correctly.

Personal gaming update

I found time to complete Halo: Reach and I'm plenty happy with the experience. It's definitely the best entry of the series and really was fantastic; my only complaint might be the lack of boss fights, but I think we've gotten too attached to such encounters over the years. Even so, I would've preferred that over wave after wave of tough enemies at the end, as I've seen Bungie do that a few too many times. Still, I had a ton of fun and I'm glad I played it. I'm only a few chapters from the end of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and I really love Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light . I play that on and off. I've decided to pass on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (just isn't my thing) and I'm obviously going to pass on Quantum Theory . Just a big fat "oops" there.

This week, look for reviews for Medal of Honor , FIFA 11 , Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , and if I can get to it, ZHP for the PSP, which I have a download code for now. I might see Vanquish early, too.

But just an FYI: as I said above, it's a busy weekend for me. A friend I've known since 1st grade is getting married so of course I'm in the wedding party. This means I already did the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner today and it's an all-day extravaganza tomorrow; gotta help transport the arbor they're getting married under, have to help the other groomsmen set out the chairs and flowers, then it's off to get dressed, get shipped out for pictures at different places, then the ceremony, then the reception…not to mention the brunch on Monday. So…if you don't see the updates at the normal time tomorrow night, it's just because I'm not back yet. Fair warning.

Now, I have to go learn how to tie a bow tie. …no human being can do this sh**. LOL