So we're closing in on a month of PlayStation Move availability and from the start, I've questioned the new technology's lasting appeal.

For the record, I really love Move's potential. It really does feel like the next step in motion sensing; it reacts realistically and in my eyes, is in stark contrast to the now out-of-date motion sensing on the Wii. Sports Champions actually impressed me in a number of ways and that says something, because I remain a motion skeptic. Sony has often said they want Move to be appreciated by hardcore gamers, and there are indeed several Move titles that have caught my attention. I'm still not sold of the idea of Move-ing with shooters but then again, I haven't tried it yet. It's just that, after having fun with Sports Champions and EyePet , I really haven't touched either since reviewing them.

Part of this is due to the insane amount of reviews I have to do but even so, I'd rather sit and play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West or Halo: Reach (which I've finished, by the way) in my free time. It just seems to me as if Move – and motion sensing in general – has great longevity for multiple people. When you're alone, it simply doesn't seem to have a lasting effect, you know? But maybe it's just me. Maybe there are a lot of lone wolves out there who typically use their Move quite often. If that's the case, Sony has hit their mark better than I expected…but I have a sneaking suspicion that unless there are other potential gamers around, any motion sensing loses its charm after a short while.

That being said, I can certainly see how Move would be excellent entertainment for the family, or for parties and get-togethers. It's simply more dynamic than sitting and pressing buttons; that much, I admit. And maybe that's a good thing, as everyone is into multiplayer everything these days. Besides, as I said, Move is still in its infancy and I might be singing a very different tune in a few year's time. But now…? Guess I'd just rather stick with the traditional experience…maybe it's an age thing, too.