The review blitz has begun and it won't let up until Thanksgiving. So between now and then, please don't get on my bad side…I might be a few tweaks away from losing my cheery, laid-back nature. ­čśë

Hey…Move isn't doing too bad

I was one of the PlayStation Move skeptics as I'm simply not the biggest fan of motion sensing, no matter how advanced it is. I distinctly recall an editorial questioning the possible success for Move. …but then again, I was convinced inFamous would be underwhelming and it turned out to be one of my favorite games of the generation. And now, the early estimates say Sony moved around 300,000 units in its first few weeks . I've also found my Move experiences to be pretty fun; Sports Champions was more than solid and EyePet is great for the intended audience. Based on the estimates, it seems reasonable that more than 1 million Move units could be sold before the year is out. It makes for a decent holiday gift, right?

I'm just wondering if the hardcore, traditional gamers are interested in utilizing Move for the likes of SOCOM 4 , Killzone 3 and others. Personally, I like having Move for the titles designed for Move but I'm really not crazy about using the motion sensing for shooters. I'll have a tough time wrapping my brain around that. But The Fight certainly looks interesting.

Atlus…whatcha got goin' with Catherine?

Atlus has gained a reputation amongst the avid RPGers for delivering some very deep, very creative, very original products. Therefore, Catherine – despite some similarities to the Persona series – seems to be a bit of a departure for the publisher. I've been keeping an eye on all the details and I was especially interested in the most recent update from the designers. I'm really not that interested in anime, but if they can make this a mature, intelligent, engaging psychological adventure, I'm definitely in. I still need to see some gameplay, and nobody can even tell me what the game is ; i.e., an action/RPG, or what? The other intriguing part is that the developers continually say the project is "very ambitious," and they're obviously dumping a lot of effort and resources into the creative process. I'm just wondering what the final result will be (and whether or not it'll come to North America), because it's so mysterious…

And speaking of creative stuff, anybody else really looking forward to Child of Eden ? It may be better for Kinect, but even so, anything called the "spiritual successor to Rez " has my attention. And that bit about how they're handling the ending is pretty damn awesome.

Personal gaming update

I'm close to finishing Halo: Reach , which is easily the best entry in the franchise. So great. I'm also having fun with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West , which is…well, read the review . I should have both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Medal of Honor on Monday, and I already have the voucher code for Lara Croft: Guardian of Light , so look for that review soon as well. Then there's Quantum Theory and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep , which are also in the review queue, so please…stay patient. I'll do them all as quickly as I can. All I can promise is that none will be significantly late, and I'm aiming to have all done within 24 hours of official release. Arnold will be doing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Gran Turismo 5 , by the way, so we're keeping as up-to-date as possible.

I like Enslaved a lot. It's just too bad…I know for a fact that if they had kept it PS3 exclusive and had worked to fine-tune the engine they used for Heavenly Sword , Ninja Theory's latest would be AAA, 9+ quality. Easy. I still love the game but if there's one title that acts as a perfect example to focus on superior hardware, it's right here.

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