We've got all sorts of gamers here at PSXE; it's part of what makes our community so great. There's a larger than usual RPG contingent, there are those who just can't handle shooters (who often clash with those who bravely defend the genre), and of course, there are multiplatform owners of all ages.

Many asked what I thought of Alan Wake and a few even wanted a review. Well, we can't really do that – our format is pretty clear – but I often said how much I appreciated Alan Wake , and in retrospect, I should've done an article like this.

As I've often said, exclusives are where it's at, regardless of platform. I will say the PS3 exclusive lineup is the best and most diverse but I keep my Xbox 360 for one reason- exclusives. One of them is Halo . I've played and completed every entry, including last year's ODST but I've often been vocal about my skepticism concerning Reach . The reason is because the last few Halo games sort of failed to impress in my eyes, and with the competition going sky-high this generation, the franchise felt like it was lagging behind. I really didn't think Halo 3 was all all that special; it was a great game but, well…it was forgettable to me. That's why I brought home the latest Bungie effort with a few reservations but thankfully, I needn't have worried.

The pacing and variety is what makes it so entertaining. You'll embark on a quiet mission at night with a sniper rifle, operate any number of vehicles within the first few hours, get all tense when battling marauding suicide bombers in tight quarters, toy around with the all-new armor power-ups (Hologram was an early favorite of mine), do a wee bit of battling in zero grav, and even fly a true-blue spaceship for a while. The execution is about as fluid and reliable as one could hope for, and enemy AI is better than ever. The only downside I can see is the ally AI, especially when it comes to vehicles…in the latter respect, your friends are downright awful. But hey, I'd rather do most things myself, anyway, and the allies are indeed more helpful in a straight-up firefight.

I'm not even the biggest FPS fan in the world, but I do like the great ones. Halo: Reach looks great, sounds great, and plays great. Killzone 3 will have to really step up if it wants to reclaim the FPS crown – which I believe KZ2 took back in early 2009 – and although I have confidence in Guerrilla, Bungie has done a bang-up job. Because I tend to appreciate more original, cerebral games these days, I still say Alan Wake is my favorite 360 exclusive, but Reach has made my happy. Oh, and I haven't even sampled the online yet, which I hear is incredible. ­čÖé

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