Well now, it appears we have another image snafu on our hands.

You probably remember the first one. It had to do with an unexpected character overhaul that generated quite the backlash; the bad-ass that was the original Cole in Sucker Punch's inFamous disappeared and in his place, a backpack-toting, skateboardin' douchebag (or so he was often called) appeared. But thankfully, said backlash was severe enough and the fans were vocal enough, and the developers did something rarely seen before: they reacted to fan feedback and changed Cole's image. We didn't get the original Cole back, but new Cole is better; you can get a good look at the re-overhauled hero in this recent gameplay video .

But will Ninja Theory do the same thing? It might be too early to tell, but if one were to take an early litmus test of the average fan's mood, the results would be clear: nobody seems to like the new Dante. And the worst part is, the developers and Capcom remade the character specifically to cater to the Western audience…and that audience hasn't responded well. If you missed it, you can check out the first screenshots and the debut trailer that premiered at the Tokyo Game Show this past week. The action is nice and Ninja Theory probably has what it takes, but it's just that image…the "emo loser" description seems to be flying around the Internet. Now, whether or not it's young Dante or a whole new Dante is currently unknown but that clarification almost seems irrelevant.

The question is whether or not the backlash will get big enough, and if it does, whether or not the designers will do anything about it. But maybe this is jumping the gun. Maybe only the naysayers flooded in first with their replies because…well, because the hostile fools that tend to populate most message boards have massive inferiority complexes and simply must be heard in a virtual space. They're ignored in reality, after all. But anyway, what say you? Should Ninja Theory follow the same route as Sucker Punch? Or will it not matter at all? Great games tend to override such matters and we're guessing the gameplay in the new DMC is gonna be awesome. But when we have a main character nobody seems to like…

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