Okay, bear with me on this:

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is arguably the greatest game of the generation and certainly the best game of 2009. GameSpot tried to be different by giving it to Demon's Souls , but Naughty Dog's unbelievable sequel was so amazing, it was essentially the default choice for most sources. And has anyone noticed the reaction that game gets if it's placed before an out-of-touch individual who doesn't really know anything about modern interactive entertainment? Only Heavy Rain could prompt that level of awe and complete and utter confusion. Why? Uncharted 2 is the closest I, or any of us, have come to actually playing an action movie.

But there's something else at play, here. The original Uncharted was great, too, if you may recall. And yet, the developers found a way to keep absolutely every facet of the first title that made it awesome, and only set about to add more greatness. In my opinion, the end of Drake's Fortune sort of felt tacky and didn't really seem to gel with the adventure. The finale of Uncharted 2 ? Simple and almost perfect. The acting and storytelling got a little better, the gameplay somehow managed to get a bit tighter, there was more variety overall, and I don't think there was even one moment of boredom, frustration, or disappointment. Now, all this being said, what if the designers take this same approach into Uncharted 3 …?  Now, maybe lightning never strikes twice and the team just isn't capable of doing this so perfectly again, but to not have faith in Naughty Dog at this point is borderline sacriligious.

I mean, wouldn't the result quite simply be the greatest video game of all time? Yes, yes, we can argue about personal preferences all day long, but I've never bought into the idea that if I dislike something, that personal opinion somehow affects the inherent quality of the product. As I always say, you can like the McDonalds hamburger more than the filet mignon; that doesn't mean the McDonalds burger is a superior piece of beef. Of course, it's a sliding scale and the closer two things come to each other in terms of quality, the more opinion plays a role (i.e., are you more impressed by a Mozart work or the Sistine Chapel?). But overall, stepping back and viewing the whole situation, and doing our best to compare what Uncharted 3 should be in relation to all other games we've ever seen, the answer may be clear.

Ah, but you see, Final Fantasy Tactics will always remain my favorite game of all time. It's why a "Favorites" list and a "Best" list will always be a little different.