I despise summer and this one seems to be taking an eternity to pass by. I used to hate the snow and ice more but now…not so sure.

Twisted Metal single-player is gonna rule

It's true; Jaffe really didn't explain it very well at Comic Con but after clarifying, I'm super excited about the single-player aspect of Twisted Metal . At first, it sort of sounded like there'd only be three available characters but I think we were all assuming it'd be exactly like past entries. You know, pick a car and go through the same levels and do the same things, all in an effort to see a different ending. But obviously, Eat Sleep Play has moved past that old-fashioned idea and plan to give us a lot more. Each campaign will boast three characters, three bosses, eight levels and "unique level type and play types." You can pick any of the 16 cars to get through the campaign, while some levels will require the use of a certain character. He even mentioned garages, which he didn't elaborate on but sound very, very cool…will we be able to upgrade those death-dealing vehicles?  Switch vehicles in mid-level?

Lastly, he says that we can expect more than just regular deathmatch in each single-player level. There will be "unique modes, goals and challenges" to tackle throughout each campaign, so it's not just about taking either Dollface, Sweet Tooth or Mr. Grimm through the same game over and over. The whole thing just sounds totally awesome.

Still not sure I understand Ninja Theory

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Heavenly Sword and I had hoped for a sequel. I know Ninja Theory is a highly competent developer just based on that one game, and I have high expectations for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West . But every time I read a business-related update for the studio, I always come away confused. So they recently said they're not expecting to make a sequel to their newest project "unless it's a gigantic hit," and they're not even anticipating a run-away success. They still say they didn't make enough money with HS after it sold 1.5 million copies on the PlayStation 3 back in 2007, when there was a small fraction of the PS3's in the world now. So what do they want from Enslaved for it to be considered a "gigantic hit?" What, do they need like 5 or 6 million sold? 1.5 million for each console obviously won't be enough, especially when there are more 360s out there.

I certainly understand why they'd want to go multiplatform. It's rational and logical unless you fully intend on pushing the limits of the PS3 like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, etc. But they don't seem to be explaining this move very well, that's all.

Personal gaming update

I should have Alan Wake soon and I'll finally start Super Mario Galaxy 2 this week. This past week has been a little too crazy to start anything new; all I've really done recently is complete another play-through of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – which is always fun – and I reviewed Little League World Series 2010 . …eh. Beyond that, I might do a hands-on of the Kane & Lynch 2 demo this coming week, and I'll be looking forward to playing Mafia II in August.

For now, I just want the heat to go away. As for my most recent editorial , I'm very glad we have a community that can respond intelligently to something that matters a lot to me. When we first started the Comments some years ago, I knew from the start we'd have to be vigilant if we didn't want it to turn into every other site. But I really think that vigilance has paid off. Thanks. ­čÖé

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