July 4th…maybe the only day of the year I ever eat a hot dog. I admit healthy food doesn't really fit on the 4th. 🙂

Final Fantasy Versus XIII…is nearing completion

Or so we'd all like to think. The instant the news hit that Square-Enix had completed the scenario and character designs for Final Fantasy Versus XIII , all anticipatory role-playing fans got very excited. It seems clear now that we'll get the long-awaited unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show in September and with this "complete" information, we're hoping for a release date, too. We've talked about this game at length before but right now, I'm taking bets: I'll give y'all 3:1 odds that it'll be exactly what FF fans desire, and 5:1 that it'll live up to the hype. Square-Enix has a lot to prove this generation and although other titles like Deus Ex: Human Revolution appear to be immensely promising, we want a Final Fantasy that feels like a Final Fantasy . FFXIII was a great game; there's absolutely no doubt about that. If it had had a different name, it would've been much more highly revered. But the fact remains: the hardcore FF followers feel jilted.

And so, they may or may not be setting themselves up for disappointment by tossing what remains of their eggs into the Versus basket. The details we've seen thus far are certainly encouraging and sort of points towards a more traditional RPG, although I'm sure it'll just be more real-time combat. The biggest problem is the pressure this game is under…what it has to achieve might be impossible.

Don't go all Move-crazy on me, Sony

I have no problem with the PlayStation Move, and I have no problem with promoting it. However, now that we know Sony asked Quantic Dream to focus on a special Move edition of Heavy Rain , sadly at the expense of that downloadable content we all wanted, I'm starting to wonder if Sony's pushing too hard. Thing is, David Cage said he very much wanted to deliver that DLC because he knew the fans really wanted it; Sony specifically told them not to bother and focus on Move Edition instead. That's a little worrisome, in my eyes. It sort of points towards the possibility that Sony could tell other developers to ignore certain projects in order to focus on Move. If you continue this train of thought, perhaps they'll also start asking more designers to include a 3D option for their games, which could result in delays. Who knows? I'm not saying any of this will happen but after E3, where Sony clearly put a ton of emphasis on Move, I have a sneaking suspicion they might be a little too enamored with their own advanced-Wii-like system.

If possible, Sony peeps, just keep doing what you're doing and add Move into the PlayStation equation; please don't sacrifice anything normally planned for the sake of motion-sensing stuff.

Personal gaming update

Like I said last week, I really don't have much to play right now as I'm fairly well caught up. However, I do intend to borrow a Wii so I can play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and now, I really want to finish Singularity (review going up in a few minutes). You'll gather as much from the review, but I really like it and I'm super surprised that instead of trading it in, I wanna finish it. Didn't expect that. But it's good to have a new game to play; I've heard that Naughty Bear isn't so hot – that's unfortunate – so I'll probably be passing on playing, although I'll have to get the review done. I have no idea what's coming out in July, although I suppose Mafia II could be intriguing when it launches towards the end of August. The fall will be insane as always but in the meantime, it's all about catching up. And I've done that, so…

I was thinking about downloading one of the 3D PSN options but they're all retrofitted to the technology and I'd rather wait for the big stuff (GT5, KZ3, etc.). Besides, I'd have to drop another $200 on the glasses and I don't see the need just yet.