Made a big purchase today, which means I'm ready for the future…

I guess I don't care what an "RPG" really is

The lines really are blurred these days. Role-playing elements can be found in many action/adventure titles and perhaps Obsidian is right when they say the only remaining differentiating factor is choice and player freedom . Maybe it's now inaccurate to call something like Final Fantasy XIII "role-playing." But I don't really care; I know what type of gaming I like, and I've always loved turn-based. That hasn't changed. I know it's linear; I know there's little to no "choice" involved; I know it's nothing like D&D; I'm aware of all that. But I don't care, anymore. I know what I've always liked so if the purists want to label such games as something else, fine. The problem is, we may never see any game that features that gameplay again (unless it's on a handheld) and that means I'll be stuck playing my old classics for the PS1 and PS2.

WorldEndWithMe mentioned in the Comments that he wants Suikoden VI , which I've wanted ever since I finished the fifth entry. Next to FF, Suikoden is my all-time favorite RPG (oh, whatever, call it what you want) franchise. Unfortunately, I know that even if Konami makes a sixth Suikoden , they'll muff it up and eliminate the turn-based mechanic, which will piss me off entirely. 'sigh'

Okay, so…what the hell if Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

I ask because I still know very little about it. They say we should see the official unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show, complete with new details and even gameplay…but I coulda sworn Square-Enix promised this very thing for "early 2010." What happened? I suppose I could accept the idea that many developers who worked on Final Fantasy XIII moved over to Versus XIII but FFXIII launched back in March (and well before that in Japan), so what the heck are they doing ? As far as I know it's still exclusive to the PlayStation 3 but at this point, I'm not sure I really care . I know I won't get turn-based back, but I would like something unique…you know, even though it's technically turn-based, that Judgment Ring in Shadow Hearts is an example of a unique, engaging, highly entertaining combat mechanic that can really spice up a game. Why can't we they try something like that?

Based on the details and info we have thus far, it certainly sounds intriguing. I really like the idea of some RPG elements I know and recognize that were absent from FFXIII, and everything I've seen certainly looks great. But really, could we at least get a teaser or something? And not just a CGI teaser?

Personal gaming update

This is more of a personal update because the gaming aspect hasn't changed much, although I did get a chance to play some of the Medal of Honor closed beta. It's pretty damn good, although the graphics aren't as rich as I would like them; the gameplay itself is pretty sweet, though. No, the big news is that my TV died today. Played Transformers for a few hours, went out to get something to eat, came back, and there was no picture. Got sound…but no picture. And after a while of tinkering and getting a flickering screen at best (and when it did show up, it was all distorted), I realized it was dead. But…ironically enough, I just sold my Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter edition for a relatively healthy sum this past week, and I kinda wanted one of the new 3D TVs. Look, I'm going to need one at some point, anyway, and I actually think I can call it a business expense…

But anyway, due to my recent sale, I really only had to pay an extra $200 for the Samsung 46" 1080p 3D LED 240Hz. It's just unbelievable. Now, does anyone else have a 3D-enabled LED? Because even though I'm not watching anything in 3D, I could swear there's a distinct change in how things are moving on the screen. Blu-Ray anything is so unbelievably realistic in how people move , that it almost feels as if they're directly there in front of me. It's not the picture; per se, it's the movement . Maybe I'm just going crazy. It's quite possible. But whatever…this thing is pretty silly amazing. ­čÖé

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