Arnold is going to absolutely hate me for writing this; his optimism – that seems to return afresh for every E3, concerning the possible announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake – has been irretrievably dashed. But oh, it's coming.

Now wait a minute. Before you start quoting all the dozens of reports directly from Square-Enix and Final Fantasy creators, trust me; I've heard it all. I've heard the ridiculous estimations of how long it would take to recreate the game in full high-definition; I've heard the excuse that S-E would need to reassemble all members of the old team, and I've heard the widespread belief that Square-Enix simply isn't interested in the idea. But there are a few things that have happened recently that make Final Fantasy VII HD more than a possibility; they make it an inevitability .

Firstly, there's perhaps the most telling incident, which is when Square-Enix sort of mentioned an FFVII remake on their Twitter page, and the page virtually exploded. In response, the FF maker actually seemed very surprised, and ever since then, their tone concerning remakes or HD overhauls has been less black-and-white and more open to interpretation. Furthermore, Sega has acknowledged that fans of their old classics still exist, and still play games. It's why we're getting Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 . FFXIII sold plenty well enough and S-E has a promising lineup, but the outcry from long-time lovers – those who adored Squaresoft – is starting to intensify. Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, this rising swell of animosity can't really be ignored much longer.

They have also given us all the Final Fantasy titles (or most all) on the PlayStation Network and Sony has been keen on asking developers and gamers about the idea of more HD remakes after the God of War Collection . Granted, that usually involves PS2 games but I've heard that PS1 classics are also up for consideration and if that's even remotely accurate, what game would top FFVII on a PlayStation fan's list for a high-definition overhaul? Maybe the original Metal Gear Solid , but that's about it, and that did get a remake on the GameCube, anyway. Look, it's only a matter of time. I swear. FFVII HD will become a reality.

And if it doesn't, I'll buy everyone who reads this article a…um…jelly bean.