You know, I'd probably be more excited about E3 if we didn't seem to already know everything.

So…what else can we possibly talk about this week?

I just worked up a newsletter – you'll see it tomorrow, as usual – that could very well have been the one you'd normally see for E3. We already have a ton of announcements and big game reveals: Killzone 3 , Devil's Third , MotorStorm: Apocalypse , the ninth Mortal Kombat , the new Driver , etc, etc, etc. I mean, what's left? We know about inFamous 2 , Dead Space 2 , Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood , Fallout: New Vegas , Call of Duty: Black Ops , Gran Turismo 5 , LittleBigPlanet 2 , Medal of Honor , Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II , Crysis 2 , F.E.A.R. 3 , Rock Band 3 , Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , Enslaved , SOCOM 4 , and many others. How many game-related surprises could possibly remain? I have a feeling a big part of Sony's press conference will focus on the advent of 3D and the PlayStation Move, although I'm hoping for some new footage we haven't seen just yet. There are just so many games coming out and it almost seems as if we know about hundreds . It's a little overwhelming, actually.

If you're behind on the media, check our PS3 Videos ; we've got a ton of E3 trailers already. Maybe Sony will freak everyone out with a sneak peek at Uncharted 3 , or something nuts like that. It seems way too early, of course, but I'm just reaching for ideas. We know Rockstar won't be there, and Square-Enix won't have Final Fantasy Versus XIII , so…

I think I'm the polar opposite of a "voracious technophile"

So SCEA boss Jack Tretton says most PlayStation 3 owners can be categorized as "voracious technophiles," which is why they're a little more up on current technological matters. According to that cited survey, the majority of PS3 owners are not only aware of 3D gaming, they believe the new visual advancement is "important." Now, I do have my reservations on the matter but in referring to the aforementioned term, I've never been a "technophile" of any kind. I have a five-year-old cell phone I rarely use, I have no intention of upgrading, I've never owned an iPod or iPhone or iPad or iWantToGag or whatever. It's all so boring . I use my PS3 for gaming and watching some movies here and there, and that's it. I think I'll always use any video game console almost the very same way I've used them my whole life, although I do admit to liking the PlayStation Store and visiting often.

This being said, I guess it is fair to say that PS3 owners are, in general, a bit older and a bit more tech-savvy than Nintendo or Microsoft fans. It makes sense from the intended demographic standpoint, at any rate.

Personal gaming update

So I've put a significant dent in Red Dead Redemption ; it's the last game I really need to finish, and I next want Alan Wake . Beyond that, I'm not sure there's anything I really have to play between now and autumn. I will say that Joe Danger is so goddamn fun, I've been playing for like…a large portion of the day. That surprised me, but the game is crazy addictive and totally awesome. For some reason, I thought Singularity and Naughty Bear were out in mid-June, but neither launches until June 29, so I have a bit of a break…if E3 week can be considered a "break" of any kind. Next month seems pretty bland but remember, that secret PS3 exclusive we know about should finally be unveiled, and that'll be quite the event. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say about 95% of the PlayStation world will be more than satisfied – i.e., pretty darn excited – with the announcement.

Anyway, don't forget to "Retweet" to enter our Virgin Gaming giveaway , and just so you know, we should have a few copies of Nier to give away next week. ­čÖé

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