I really, really dislike heat. If I had to choose between 0 and 100 degrees, I'd take 0 every single day of the year.

Okay, now I NEED to know more about Horizon

I really thought that after finishing God of War III , that would supplant Heavy Rain as my favorite game of 2010 thus far. Surprisingly enough, though, that didn't happen. As much as I love GoWIII, and as amazing as that entire production was, Quantic Dream's product had a singular impact on me. I freely admit that, which is why I'm stoked for David Cage's next project, apparently known as Horizon . The name alone is intriguing and if it's like Heavy Rain , I will be signing up to take another emotional adventure on day one. It's so important for his team to make another title of similar structure and style, just because I think it helps push the industry forward in terms of storytelling and overall immersion. But at the same time, I'm a little concerned…I had heard Quantic wanted to experiment with Move and try something different, which really doesn't sit well with me.

I'm taking solace in the fact that based on the early information , it doesn't sound like a low-budget, gimmicky title. I just need to know more about it. Very, very soon.

Games, don't go the Kardashian route. Please.

Movies are getting really, really sad, as evidenced by the overwhelming emphasis on flash and panache, and the apparent total lack of any real artistic or thespian talent. It's why more models are "acting" than ever before, and why Kim Kardashian is evidently being considered for the role of Lara Croft in the next movie. Now, don't get me wrong…Kim has got to be one of the most desirable creatures on earth (you know, provided she remains mute ). But I think we all know she isn't an actress. Now, I was just thinking…cutting-edge development uses an actor's voice and likeness in games ( Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Heavy Rain ), right? And you know, a virtual Kim Kardashian would be undeniably appealing, especially considering the standard target audience for video games (males 18-35). So when might a developer decide to take the film route, sacrifice the talent, and get the face and body for the sake of cash…?

The only reason I'm not too worried about this is because those who make our games love games, and so many of them (Kojima, Cage, Jaffe, Yamauchi, etc.) are perfectionists. They wouldn't be satisfied with half-ass sh** in their productions and furthermore, reviews are more important in gaming than in just about any other entertainment venue (just ask Rockstar about Red Dead Redemption ). Critics would pan the snot out of a bad performance and the game wouldn't sell so well…I hope . You see what I'm saying.

Personal gaming update

So yeah, Nier is done, and I was actually quite impressed with the twist at the end. It was quite the entertaining game overall and if I didn't have anything else to play, I'd go back and see more of the story through Kaine's eyes. But I do; I gotta start Red Dead from scratch, as I've said before. For reviews, summer is pretty bland but I'm pretty sure I'll be handling Naughty Bear and Singularity (among others) this month. Oh, and I never did finish 3D Dot Game Heroes and I'll want to do that at some point, but I can't imagine it would take very long. Alpha Protocol turned out to be broken, Backbreaker wasn't really what I wanted, and although Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype really is fantastic, I've pretty much gotten my fill.

Outside of that, not much else to report. Just remember I'll be choosing the winners for our Sumthing Digital soundtrack giveaway soon; probably early this week.

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