Because I find myself in one of those situations where I can't seem to settle on a topic for the weekly editorial, I have to issue a grab bag of snippets and thoughts. Hope you don't mind too much… you try coming up with a new subject every week for years on end.

Beat Nier…still think it's way fun: I finally finished it up after taking a long break to handle a slew of reviews, and as I told you in my analysis , I really believe Cavia's simple yet very entertaining RPG is great for old-school fans. I'm still not entirely sure why , as it certainly doesn't feature turn-based combat but everything else…I dunno, it just sorta felt like home when playing. And the ending has quite the storyline twist, too…!

So, Human Revolution looks bad-ass, huh? Did you guys check out that new E3 trailer ? Well, damn . I've always been a fan of the series and I've been waiting for another title…this one appears to be fantastic. Man, just gimme what we always had in terms of gameplay, and with that level of slickness, polish, and style, the game ought to be a winner.

Don't really care about Tera Patrick: Yeah, so I used her pic in that Sony saying "no" to Vivid story, but I didn't go out of my way to find my favorite pornstar, or something. I needed her for that Saints Row stuff, remember? Just sayin'.

So…that secret…next month…love it! Okay, I admit it. I'm getting some sort of cruel pleasure from taunting you with our secret PS3 exclusive, but that's probably just because I've been in a weird mood lately. And I treat y'all pretty damn well – I think – so allow me a bit of fun. Besides, you might forgive me when it comes to light… And I don't feel like getting on Sony's bad side! Or on the bad side of my source… All of that would suck.

So…you want us all to know you drive a piece of sh**? One thing I don't get, that perhaps the younger crowd could explain to me: so you've got some $500 piece of junk Civic. You trick it out with a retarded muffler, tinted windows, and some ridiculous lighting arrangement. Then there's the $2000 sound system. …so, your aim is to draw attention to yourself. You drive it to parking lots and stand next to it…you believe someone, somewhere, somehow, will be impressed. …dude. You're driving a $500 junk heap that would get beat by just about any vehicle on the road (including some lawnmowers), and it looks like hell. It screams, "I have no money and no class but look at this !"

I don't get it. I'm sorry. I had a 350Z, but it was stock and besides, that might be a car worth standing next to. I now have an Infinity M35x. Another one maybe worth standing next to ( definitely worth sitting in) that costs…hmm…math…more than 50 times what that $500 sh**box cost. But I sure as hell don't park it somewhere and stand next to it , and I'd never do it if I owned crap. So…I don't get it. Girls? …really? What sort of girls? Explain, young people, explain!