I suppose it's Memorial Day weekend but it's just another Saturday, Sunday, Monday for me. If you honestly think we won't update on Monday…you haven't been here very long.

Square-Enix's "shocking RPG" is our big secret…!

You know how we told you our secret PlayStation 3 exclusive title would likely be announced in July ? And remember the rumor that Square-Enix is going to reveal a "shocking RPG" before E3? …don't you think it all fits together really nicely? Well, it does, because the new exclusive that we've kept secret all this time is… Final Fantasy Tactics 2 . No, really. …okay, it's not. I've long since given up hope on that and this works into my point: I'm starting to give up hope on any new S-E announcements about which I can become excited. It always turns out to be some new portable game (usually for the DS), or some other project that doesn't interest me in the slightest. At this point, I really feel silly every time I fall for one of their supposed "shocking" games, because they almost always turn out to be something their long-time fans don't want . Amazing how that keeps happening.

By the way, sorry for possibly misleading you, but you must've seen it coming…besides, I already said the exclusive has nothing to do with Final Fantasy .

Hmm…my most anticipated sequel…

Although it didn't manage to snag any of our 2009 Game of the Year Awards, inFamous still holds a special place in my heart this generation. It was unbridled fun from start to finish and I'm totally psyched that the sequel might be unmasked very soon . I'm fully expecting it to show up at E3 but in the meantime, I hope we're looking at an example of how a developer sticks to a winning formula. The initial design was great, the gameplay was great, and the control was excellent. So don't mess with any of that, Sucker Punch. Give me a new city, maybe some new skills, a new story, and I'm happy. The idea that every game has to be innovative or unique in some fashion in order for it to be considered "elite" doesn't sit well with me. Most recently, I turn to Uncharted 2 , which didn't really do anything different or revolutionary but remains arguably the best game of the generation (and one of the best ever, too). For the record, if we're talking about sequels, I also really want Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age: Origins 2 .

I'd mention Gran Turismo 5 , but for some reason, I have trouble calling anything beyond a second title a "sequel." I just call them "more installments." Weird, I know.

Personal gaming update

So as some of you have already surmised after reading about that Alpha Protocol developer , I have been playing Obsidian's latest, along with NaturalMotion's Backbreaker . Both reviews are embargoed until the launch dates for each game (both are June 1) so you'll see them right around that time. Actually, one of them is already written; I'll finish the other one tomorrow. Alpha Protocol almost isn't worth talking about and I can't really do that until Tuesday, anyway, so… Same goes for Backbreaker , although I will say it's kinda fun and even original but sports a few glaring flaws. I should also be getting Naughty Bear later in the week, which I'm looking forward to…it just seems like the perfect combination of silly and sadistic. LOL Beyond that, we're sort of starting the summer drought so maybe I can finally have a bit of a break.

I still have to go back and finish Nier and 3D Dot Game Heroes , and then start Red Dead Redemption afresh. With the downtime, I want to turn to upgrading/expanding PSXE again; we've added the User Reviews, which people seem to like, we're giving away a few original game soundtracks to a few great contributors (I have the soundtracks right here in front of me), and I think next, I'm going to push for a podcast (provided Arnold has the time). But we may ask you guys again before deciding on the next site advancement. ­čÖé

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