Obviously, we've already seen some amazing games this year. It'd be no exaggeration to say that we've seen at least a few absolute gems, and that includes God of War III , Red Dead Redemption , Heavy Rain , Super Mario Galaxy 2 , Bioshock 2 , Bayonetta , Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , Final Fantasy XIII and others. And looking into the summer months…well, we're not really seeing much of anything in the way of must-have titles. …but are we really complaining?

Look, I'm all for a continuous influx of great games. That being said, each game does cost a decent chunk of money and we don't necessarily have hours on end every day to play. I refuse to believe that absolutely everyone has been able to play through every great 2010 production thus far, and let's not forget that we saw the typical flood of awesome titles towards the end of 2009, too. In reality, it really hasn't let up since October of last year (with the exception of April, which was mostly dead despite Super Street Fighter IV and Nier showing up) and personally, I'm way behind. I still have to finish 3D Dot Game Heroes and Nier , and I now want to start over in Red Dead Redemption so I can attack it as I would any in-depth RPG. So yeah, I'm not that disappointed to see a break in the action. And I would strongly suggest that y'all take advantage of this lull and play catch-up for a while. Hey, there are a lot of long games out there, too!

I think we all need a little downtime that allows us to catch up on a backlog of games. And while I still say I'm disappointed in how Alpha Protocol turned out (review coming soon), I'm almost happy that I have no desire to add it to my "must-play more" list. See, I really hate having games I never completed in my collection…so maybe it's just me. But I doubt it.

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