May is just around the corner and it's another huge month. Which big release tops your priority list?

Anybody else concerned about Jaffe's project?

We've all assumed for years that Eat Sleep Play, David Jaffe and Scott Campbell's new studio, is working on a fresh Twisted Metal installment. And while we continue to find evidence that it might be true, the elapsed time is just plain worrisome. Who ever heard of such a huge exclusive that had to be kept this secret? What possible harm can there be in letting everyone know what you're doing; it will only serve to ratchet the excitement and anticipation up a few notches. I mean, we see baseline information and even early media as much as a year before a game is scheduled to arrive…so why would a TM game be so confidential? And really, why is it taking so long ? We appreciate the amount of time and resources a large blockbuster title requires but what is this black-bag, CIA operation? I just can't conceive of a reason why nobody can know and I'm starting to think that development has taken a turn for the worse…

I mean, who cares if the game will indeed be a PS3 exclusive when it doesn't seem to exist ? Eh, maybe I'm just being paranoid. I so badly want a new TM! I'd still prefer to have some concrete info, though.

Would a first-person Silent Hill be a bad thing?

I know we have a lot of FPS haters here but I happen to like the genre. And although I too was a little skeptical about the idea of a first-person Silent Hill , the more I think about it, the more I start to embrace it. Look, I know we gamers love our traditions and to so seriously alter the perspective and gameplay of an established franchise is taboo. But really, is this that terrible? I mean, one of the more significant flaws visible in the SH games has been somewhat clunky and awkward control. Well, this tends to go away beneath the fluidity of a first-person view. The only problem I might foresee is that SH has always made one feel vulnerable; it's one of the primary traits of this series. You don't feel like a superhero; you feel like a human, and you move like one, too. In a FPS, you can usually fling yourself about with perfect coordination and unbelievable speed, so a FPS Silent Hill might focus more on action and less on thrills.

And yes, that would suck. But if Killzone 2 proved anything, it proved that a character controlled in a first-person format can have weight and at least semi-realistic physics. So besides a bias against FPSs, what would really be the problem with this switch?

Personal gaming update

Okay, so I spent a great deal of time powering up my team in Final Fantasy XIII …and I'm totally underwhelmed. I did all the research on just the type of Legendary weapons I wanted, I maxed them out, I maxed the Crystarium, I got all the great accessories and…big damn deal. I don't really even feel that much more powerful. I thought I'd be able to annihilate most everything but I really can't; I can win, but it's typically an annoying battle and makes it feel like my many hours of building was for nothing. I mean, I know I wouldn't even be able to fight these tougher enemies if I hadn't done it but damnit, where is that feeling of superiority you get from other FFs and RPGs after putting in the requisite time to become a God? I'm sorry; call me crazy, but this is just another reason for me to dislike FFXIII.

Anyway, as I said before, May looks great. I most want Red Dead Redemption but I'm also very interested in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands . I don't really care so much about Lost Planet 2 but that looks pretty good, too. Oh, and I should have Nier this week so expect a review on that soon. Lastly, everyone seemed to enjoy submitting their questions to Joseph Gatt , so I might try to pursue similar projects…but please bear in mind that we aren't GameSpot and getting the really interesting and popular people can be a process. Just stay tuned and be patient, all right? ­čśë

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