Is anyone else suddenly psyched for 3D Dot Game Heroes ? I have to find a way to get that one reviewed ASAP, just 'cuz…

Maybe Square-Enix is more confused than we think…

Square-Enix has asked those who purchased Final Fantasy XIII whether they bought the PlayStation 3 version or the Xbox 360 version, and why. …what for? Were they surprised at the March NPD numbers ? It almost seems like they are, but is that even possible…? I guess it is; I've heard that Microsoft predicted FFXIII would sell more on the 360 – which is the most absurd prediction I've heard in a long time – so maybe Square-Enix bought into that. Maybe that's why they made the game multiplatform in the first place. But… really ? "Why?" Whaddya mean, why ? Um…because the franchise in question has never once been on a Microsoft console and has spent 13 years winning over PlayStation owners? Because the PS3 version only requires one disc? Because it looks better? Did Square-Enix ever once believe that there were as many 360 owners who intended to buy FFXIII, as there were PS3 owners with the same intention?

They can't be this confused. They just can't. Arnold also reminds me that FFX actually sold more copies on the PS2 alone back at the end of 2001 and 2002, when the PS2 installed user base was a fraction of what the PS3's is now. I think one of our posters – WorldEndsWithMe, was it you? – said he was sick of everyone thinking Microsoft and 360 fankids somehow rule the world and should dictate publisher decisions. Really, I couldn't agree more. That survey is stupid . If you didn't know the answer going into the situation, there's something wrong with you.

Gamers keep rewarding great efforts

I'm just so proud to be part of an industry where the fans continue to reward quality. It's not like the film industry, where the worst junk on the planet hit #1 at the box office, or the publishing world, where only chick lit and the same ten authors tend to dominate every month, or music where…well, where real talent basically died decades ago. In gaming, the best stuff typically continues to sell. Heavy Rain , despite very conservative estimates and the mammoth risk entailed, has sold over a million copies. Demon's Souls was expected to sell only around 75,000, but ended up selling 280,000 in North America . Uncharted 2: Among Thieves should be closing in on 4 million copies sold (Sony announced it was at 3.5 million last month), and the extremely well covered Assassin's Creed II has sold…um…a lot; I think Ubisoft said they shipped 8 million copies as of February, or something. Oh, and God of War III is already over 1 million, as is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 .

Bottom line? The games that win all the awards every year tend to also be among the bestsellers. Gotta love that.

Personal gaming update

As most of you know, I beat Final Fantasy XIII this past week but I'll keep at it until I'm satisfied that I've beat everything. ­čśë I did pick up God of War III – finally – and that's obviously next on the list, and oh yes, I'll have Resonance of Fate in front of me this week. When I do the review, it won't go on the main page because it's just so late, but I wanted to make sure the RPG fans know it's coming so they can check it out. I'll mention it again in a Week in Review when it's done. I also really want the freshly released Splinter Cell: Conviction so please don't badmouth that game…I love the series. Then there's a very big May, with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Red Dead Redemption . I'm so looking forward to the latter…

If I had time, I'd give the expansions to Dragon Age and GTAIV a shot. Beyond that, there isn't much else to talk about. Oh, does anyone have some ice cream? I suddenly have a craving for it and I don't feel like driving down to get some. I prefer Cherry Garcia. Thanks.

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