As most racing fans are aware, Gran Turismo 5 should launch some time this fall. Sony boss Peter Dille essentially guaranteed that it would be on store shelves before 2009 expired. We'll believe him for now.

It's officially only one delay, as the game never got any sort of release date until late last year, when they said it would launch in Japan in March 2010. But that doesn't mean the fans aren't a little miffed and I got news for ya, Polyphony: if you really did delay the game for the sake of possibly inputting 3D or PlayStation Move functionality, or you're considering another delay for the sake of adding such technology, "miffed" won't be the proper description. Pissed off will be far more accurate. Why? Because this is very simple: the hardcore racing aficionados; the target demographic for GT, really don't care . 3D is cool and all but the idea of making it compatible with Move is downright ridiculous and in the end, I can't think of a single solitary GT fan who would want to wait for the addition of these features.

They don't care. They really don't. I certainly don't. And besides, can't you add that stuff via patches at a later date? We've never really received a good explanation as to why the game had to be pushed from March to fall, but we've continually heard that "90% complete" quote for some time now. I know Yamauchi is a perfectionist and I respect that, and I have every confidence that GT will be the driving simulator we've all been waiting for, but I just have to make this clear in case Polyphony is under the delusion that their fans care about stuff like GPS features (which I can't see anyone with less than a million bucks in the bank using), 3D and Move. Now, I do like the idea of 3D. I'll be very interested to give it a try. But no matter how realistic GT might look, 3D still won't make it feel just like a real race and a real car.

And, oh yeah, I just want the damn game . We all do. If you have to delay it for the purpose of refining it and making it better, fine. But if it has anything whatsoever to do with the new technology, it's a colossal mistake.

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