I think we're finally past the snow. Have to consider doing some car stuff; full detailing, brake pads, etc. It's about that time.

Red Dead Redemption better not flop

So Rockstar says the development process for this potential blockbuster has been long, grueling, and immensely challenging" but it had better pay off in the end. We've all been waiting for the premier Western in this industry; the one game – third-person shooter or not – that finally delivers on all its cowboy-esque promises. Past efforts have been decent and I did like Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood , but I'm looking for Assassin's Creed II quality, here. In fact, just about everything I've seen and heard about RDR makes it sound just like ACII…only in a completely different era and setting, of course. There's the free roaming, the option to remain out of sight and out of mind, the accepting of side missions from various townsfolk, and even the finding of treasures via little maps. I mean, minus the obvious platforming insanity of ACII, RDR really does sound very, very similar. And that would be awesome .

I think everyone has very high hopes for this game and although Rockstar can always turn to GTA for their big payday, they do require other triumphs. Their lineup includes Max Payne 3 , too, but for now, it's all about John Marsten and Co. I've never really been into Western movies but even so, this particular game has been on my radar for a loooooong time.

Uncharted 3 = most anticipated anything ever

Well, almost. And at least for me. I think if the third entry hits huge like the second one did, and leaves me with that same feeling of total and complete fulfillment, I'd argue that this franchise can vie with God of War for the single greatest trilogy in gaming. I'd also mention that both are exclusive to PlayStation platforms, but I know that isn't necessary. The point is, when I heard that Naughty Dog could very well be cranking on Uncharted 3 , I was extremely happy. I knew it'd be coming, of course, but it just reminded me of how great Uncharted 2 really was and I found myself pining for that third entry. I can only expect the most polished, most refined, most professional, and overall most impressive piece of interactive entertainment to be found. There is so little in the way of real competition (definitely MGS4 but besides that…) and the third Naughty Dog gem is bound to be awesome. Right now, I can't think of a more highly anticipated game for the future.

Personal gaming update

So I'm about 45 hours into Final Fantasy XIII and I'll just push forward so I can finish it. I really need to play God of War III and let's not forget that although April is mostly empty, May has a bunch of stuff I want. I also need to get to Resonance of Fate – apologies on not having a review yet – and after the atrocity that was Last Rebellion , I'm really wondering if turn-based RPGs are dead forever (on consoles, anyway). That game was just so bad. Oh, and the 500+-Comment freak-out that was the PSN subscription prank ; that was awfully entertaining. It was a little unsettling to see so many people losing their minds over what amounted to a $5-7/month charge (damn, some people really are cheap) but I do understand the sentiment behind a lot of the negativity. Anyway, it's over now.

Nothing else to talk about, I guess. I'm out.

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