Most avid gamers tend to have a bit of a ritual surrounding their play time.

Firstly, I've chosen this picture – you've likely seen it before – because I think many adult male gamers have done it before: show a girl how to hold a controller and she'll go along with it like a good sport…for a while. Anyway, what do you usually do when you sit down to play a game? Personally, I know a lot of people like to snack but I hate doing that; not only because I really despise chugging unnecessary empty calories (which is what most all snack foods are), but also because it seriously hinders my game time. I've yet to understand why people will actually pause the game to eat something. So bizarre. Then there are other people who really don't like to play their games in front of someone; they consider it more of a personal hobby and one that's best done in solitude.

I live alone so I rarely play with someone watching, but I have found that I do prefer it to be a solitary experience. I think that comes from the old days when gaming was a solitary experience; the only "multiplayer" was if a friend was sitting next to you and the game supported two players. I've also heard of very picky gamers taking the time to set the TV to exactly the right settings for each title they play. I find this insanely irritating and even boring and the bottom line is, almost nothing looks bad on my TV. But really, some gamers are very, very finicky about getting the picture juuuust right. Then there's the matter of distance; how far away do you sit? It's bad to sit too close – that's not a myth – and it usually depends on the size of the TV, but I've seen some people get really close to like 50" TVs. That's just silly.

So what about you? How do you typically get your game on?