This is what happens when I'm totally out of ideas or my mind simply isn't working well enough to form one cohesive thought for an entire article. So…random pieces of junk from my brain.

— FFXIII feels so…freaking…WEIRD. I don't think I've ever played a game where I've continually felt a distinct mixture of unbridled joy and total entertainment. One minute, I'm just focused on what I'm doing, enjoying everything about it and the next, I'm totally down in the dumps, complaining bitterly that it wrenched so much strategic control out of my grasp. With every new FF, I'm almost always amazed and absorbed. They're always highlights of a generation for me. This time…no. But even so, it's oodles of fun (most times) and I know I'll finish it. Man, whatever. It's just crazy.

— What is the DEAL what that chick who hosts "Food Wars" on the Travel Channel?! Her name's Camille Ford and holy mother of God…so CUTE. And I LOVE her voice. The show is stupid as hell but she's aaaaall I need. My God. Hey Camille, you play games? Let's do an interview. …PLEASE.

— If I'm going to get a new TV for 3D, it won't be until next year (I think). It's going to be an expensive proposition and while I suppose I could do it now, I'd rather not. Besides, I'm still a little leery of this whole 3D thing…anyone else? Almost by default, it's supposed to be even more engrossing; an added dimension should be fantastic in this way. But I dunno…something about it seems a little disconcerting to me. Can't quite put my finger on it.

— They sent me a voucher code for The Taxidermist DLC for Heavy Rain ! Yay! The only problem is, even though I consider Quantic Dream's masterpiece to be a better overall game, I can't seem to tear myself away from FFXIII… But there's no doubt I'll get to that extra stuff in HR. Still my favorite game of the year.

— So listen, I'm taking a bit of a personal survey and if you'd like to participate, I ask that you e-mail me at my psxextreme account. It's actually just one question but you might have a lot to say about it. I'm asking for gaming vets (those who have been playing for more than 10 years or so) but if you're really into the hobby, I don't care about your age, I guess. Thanks in advance.

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