As a gamer, I can't possibly stick to only a few genres. In fact, I really don't like to play two games from the same genre in a row. At the same time, these days, I really only have time for the best of the best. Now, because so many of the best titles of this generation just so happen to be platform exclusives (and not just for the PS3), I've realized that these exclusive titles really need to be diverse. Quality is great, but who wants to be bored?

See, it kinda works for most all platforms. Look at the Xbox 360: I was able to play Lost Odyssey (by far my favorite RPG of the generation), Halo 3 (and ODST ), the Gears of War games and soon, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake . In my opinion, nothing tops the PS3 exclusive lineup but again, it's not only about the quality; it's about the diversity. Look at what we've been able to play over the past few years-

Then you can toss in the PSN exclusives like Flower , Wipeout HD and Shatter , plus what's coming: God of War III , Gran Turismo 5 , The Last Guardian , etc. The point is, do you see how many different genres are represented here? Even if I only stuck to exclusives for both the PS3 and 360, I'd not only be playing the best stuff out there, I'd also be having a lot of different experiences. I don't want to do that, of course (I ain't missing out on Grand Theft Auto , Assassin's Creed , Bioshock , Dragon Age , Final Fantasy , etc.), but you know what I mean. Last year, I sort of started with Killzone 2 and ended with Uncharted 2 – with the treat that was inFamous in between – and those are very, very different.

If I had to pick my favorite games of the generation, I'd go with MGS4, Uncharted 2 , Heavy Rain , Killzone 2 , Lost Odyssey , inFamous , Dragon Age: Origins , Resistance 2 , Gears of War 2 , and Flower . The only multiplats that get in there are ACII, GTAIV, Bioshock 2 , and maybe a few more. But these are just my choices; if you use the entire PS3 exclusive list, you've got third-person action (like Heavenly Sword and God of War III ), third-person shooters (like Uncharted ), RPGs, FPSs, racers, platformers, and unique/original titles like Heavy Rain and Flower . The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo 5 will punctuate that variety a bit more. Really, we should appreciate this amount of diversity.

In the end, we want the best stuff. And everyone basically agrees that exclusive games tend to lead the pack; the elite of the elite, if you will. But man, I'm just glad we're not fixating on only one or two genres…I'm never bored with the PS3's exclusive lineup.

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