With so many RPGs hitting in 2010, including one of the most anticipated titles of the generation in Final Fantasy XIII , there's a good chance we may all have to reshuffle our lists significantly before the year is out. But for now, what's your favorite role-playing game of the generation?

It'll be interesting to see the responses. I know I've been talking a lot about Lost Odyssey lately, but that's mainly because I'm sad to see turn-based disappear and LO is the last console RPG that used that old-fashioned mechanic. It didn't have the best graphics in the world and the actual storyline wasn't too fantastic, but I really enjoyed the setting, the characters, and the extremely awesome combat mechanic that kept me coming back for more. However, being a fan of great writing in games, I should also add that the Dreams really stood out for me. They still represent some of the best writing I've ever seen in games; each one must've been professionally written by an accomplished scribe. It's weird that the same quality didn't really come through in the actual storyline, but whatever. The whole game was maximum fun from start to finish.

Then there's Dragon Age: Origins , which certainly occupies the #2 slot for me. I normally don't like that type of RPG but this one got me from the start, probably because the battle system reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy XII . I liked the challenge of it, I liked being able to build my character from scratch and watch him grow, I liked the D&D-style environment; I just really liked it all. I never did finish it – Assassin's Creed II sort of distracted me – but I put a good 40 hours into Origins and I certainly don't regret it. I will have to buy the sequel when it arrives and although I keep hoping for a Lost Odyssey sequel, I'm pretty sure it ain't gonna happen. ­čÖü All this being said, I really do expect to love FFXIII, despite some skepticism I have for it; if it doesn't supplant LO as #1 on my list, something went terribly wrong.

I should probably try Mass Effect 2 although I hated the first one; any game that gets such high review scores really can't be entirely ignored. I also want to give Resonance of Fate a try, although I'm not so much into the futuristic gun battle thing. Okay, so what's your fav RPG of the generation so far?

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