Oh, these are fun. It's a simple editorial piece designed to elicit plenty of Comments – which have been absolutely outstanding lately; keep it up! – and one that just about everyone can relate to. You don't necessarily have to be a gaming veteran; I'm sure there are plenty of new IPs that came out only a year or two ago, and you enjoyed them so much, you've wanted a sequel ever since.

As for me, here are the top 5 titles I want to see return in true-blue sequel form:

5. Mutant League Football

Oh dear God, I spent an unhealthy amount of time with this game. Who else had an absurd amount of fun putting the All-Stars up against the Sixty-Whiners? You couldn't even make it to halftime without killing all the skeletons on the opposing team! And I kinda remember this one glitch that could cause the game to stop indefinitely: you may recall those booby traps on the field; one of them was like a little hole full of lava. One time, when the ball squirted free down the field, it landed behind one of these holes. Both teams tried to get it but they all fell into the hole and then the umpire fell in and the ball just sat there. Game stuck. LOL Oh man, Aliens, Monsters, Skeletons, the vertical field look…soooo much fun.

4. Legend of Legaia and/or Legend of Dragoon

Being a huge RPG fan of the PS1 era, these are two games that really need to make a return. They made Legaia 2 for the PS2 – which I loved – but they never did make another LoD, and I've wanted another title for both would-be franchises. I loved the Arts system in Legaia; it was a way of inputting fighting/brawling moves into a turn-based RPG and it ruled . Dragoon may have had the ugliest world map in the history of the world, but the rest of that game was great. I know a lot of fellow RPG aficionados have wanted a sequel to this one, but there's never any evidence of a new Dragoon project. Could we at least get Legaia 3 ? Miracle arts FTW, baby!

3. Battletoads

You know, in retrospect, it really wasn't that great of a game. But I always have a soft spot for this one; it's such a fuzzy memory of my early gaming days. I always had difficulty getting past that part with the jet-skis (or whatever those things were) because the jumps just started to get too complicated for me. But who didn't love smacking someone with the big boot or big hammer? I'm still not sure why everyone fell in love with this game, nor do I really understand why I so badly want another title, but…well, nostalgia is a funny thing. Make a new one, keep it in 2D, and put it up as a downloadable game. I'm willing to bet it'll sell very well and I'll be one of the first to buy it.

2. Chrono-something

I don't care if they want to make a follow-up to either Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross , or if they just want to make another RPG with "Chrono" in the title. Just make one. It seems obvious now that rumors about a game called "Chrono Break" were unsubstantiated and Square-Enix has no current plans to bring any Chrono back into play. I still can't figure out why; we're talking about two of the best RPGs in existence and I'm pretty sure Chrono Cross sold pretty darn well. Next to Final Fantasy , I keep thinking that both CT and CC are perhaps the most re-played RPGs in gaming history. Of course, I want another Suikoden , too, but I believe that may actually happen.

1. Deathrow

It was one of the first games I got for my Xbox – I think the second after Halo – and the only reason I bought it was because of the solid reviews. I really wasn't even sure what it was . But man, this is still one of the most ingenious ideas ever: a game that involves a sport where you toss a disc through a goal, beating the snot out of each other in the process. I was so hooked on this. What was the name of that team you had to beat in the Finals…? They wore all gold and when you got them (after beating them), they were invincible. A sequel would be totally bad-ass; they could amp up the combat and give us more scoring moves, or something. Just gimme .

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