There are numerous reasons why certain titles obtain a ton of hype and anticipation. Perhaps it's near the top of everyone's list because it's supposed to be especially innovative; maybe much has been made about cutting-edge visuals, or there's always the comfortable eagerness that surrounds a new entry in an established franchise. For instance, while most gamers want something like God of War III for more than one reason, we all know that SCEA Santa Monica has proven themselves with the previous two installments.

But the situation surrounding Heavy Rain is an intriguing one. It's a new IP and while one can argue that the graphics have certainly garnered plenty of attention, this one would have to fall into the "something new" category. It's not that we've never seen it before – those who played Indigo Prophecy have a general idea of the foundation for Quantic Dream's newest project – but perhaps it'll present a revolutionary step in terms of video game storytelling. However, despite this perceived fact; despite everything we've heard about Heavy Rain in the past year; despite all the media and information provided by plenty of interviews with David Cage, I'm wondering what the expectations are for this game.

I mean, even if you've been following along with all the news and details, are you convinced of the experience? Are you going into it expecting greatness but you're not entirely sure how it will attain greatness? Are you planning to lose yourself in the story? Are you banking on the innovative approach to branching gameplay, in that there are no "deaths," and the plot adapts to every success or failure? Or, are you questioning if this concept even works in the world of video games? I'll be really interested to read the responses…

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