There is a scratch in the hood of my car. It's shallow and easily fixable and yet…oh so annoying. Anywho.

Anybody else intrigued by L.A. Noire?

I know what the really ardent news-hunters will say: "where have you been?" Yes, well, bear in mind that I handle the news pretty much every single day of the year and I'm well aware that L.A. Noire has been a recognizable name for years. But I never latch onto a game when there's little to no info available; I'm far too busy to get excited about a project that's 98% mysterious. However, every once in a while, all I need is one detail to arouse my interest. Such a detail came this past week with the knowledge that the crimes in this game will be based on real-life crimes from 1947. The idea that a designer actually had to go through newspapers from that year, locate specific events and crimes, and place them into the database for implementation into the game…am I the only one who thinks that's awesome ? I mean, this puts such an atmospheric tinge of authenticity onto the project, something that no Grand Theft Auto ever featured.

That being said, I am going to have learn more about the gameplay. If we're supposed to be solving these crimes, is it more of a mystery CSI-like game, or are we just chasing down the perpetrators all the time? It'll be very interesting to see the decision Rockstar has made concerning the controls and gameplay. They say we should expect something pretty darn special from L.A. Noire and supposedly, they'll dish next month. I'll be keeping a close eye on that.

Heavy Rain might actually make me buy some DLC

For the most part, while I certainly understand the benefit of DLC, I just don't have the time or motivation to get any of it. As much as I love certain games, I'm always forced to move on if I want to keep up. Not only do I have to review a bunch of games I wouldn't normally play, I have my own list of titles I need to complete, so DLC usually falls by the wayside. Why am I going back to play a game I completed a month ago – regardless of how good it is – when I've got three new games sitting there, waiting to be played? Still, certain companies are starting to cause me to break down. I've already resolved to get those two DLC packs for Assassin's Creed II just because that game is bad-ass and I really want to see more of the cities. And then I heard about the Heavy Rain DLC and I might be sold on that, too. See, I really don't care about random little cosmetic upgrades via DLC but if the extra content will actually add to the story, give me all new places to explore, and simply expand on the gameplay , I'm far more likely to try it.

And considering that Heavy Rain is all about the story, being able to learn more about the primary characters is a definite bonus. And no, I'm not going to whine about the possibility that Quantic Dream purposely left this content out so as to charge extra for it later. In some cases, I do believe that, but I'm not so bitter or skeptical to believe that all DLC is simply designed to rip us off.

Personal gaming update

I'm still working my way through Bayonetta and Halo 3: ODST . I maintain that the former is deserving of any praise it has received; it features the most demanding and accomplished combat mechanic of any action game this generation. Whether you love or hate the style, you can't deny this. I'm talking about the Xbox 360 version, though; if Platinum Games does do a sequel , they had best not screw over PS3 owners again. And if it's a spin-off…oh dear God, no . As for ODST , let me just say this: I've played every Halo there is through to completion. I like 'em all. Like ODST , too. It's also nothing more than an expansion for Halo 3 ; there's nothing even remotely new about it. In fact, none of these games change much at all…ever. If we get the same ol' same ol' from Halo: Reach , I'm done with that franchise.

I know there are a lot of games set for February but I've decided that Bioshock 2 (February 9) and Heavy Rain (February 23) take precedence over the others. I definitely want to try White Knight Chronicles and Dante's Inferno but they'll just have to wait. And didn't the new Splinter Cell get delayed…? It was originally set to release on the same day as Heavy Rain , which was annoying . I love all the SCs and I play all those, too. If it's delayed, it gives me more time and I'm happy.

That's it. Watching the Australian Open. Looks like Nadal has his hands full with Karlovic…and Ana Ivanovic is out early again. Now I have no reason to watch women's tennis for the rest of the tournament…what I need is a house with a tennis court and ask Ana over to play. She'll win…and I won't care. She'll be all sweaty…she'll need a shower…and…stuff…;)

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