I suppose we all have to make a few, as we're imperfect beings who constantly need improvement. But how's about some game-centric resolutions? Here are mine.

I resolve to keep an open mind about more genres

I actually make this resolution almost every year since I played RPGs almost exclusively back in the late '90s. I've come a long way and in all honesty, I love playing great games in just about every genre. However, I always say I try to avoid titles in the flight, fighting, and WRPG genres, primarily because I've never really gotten into any of those categories at any point in my gaming career. Even so, 2009 opened my eyes to the likes of IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey , Street Fighter IV and Dragon Age: Origins . And although I probably would never have played the first two for too long, Origins really grabbed me in a way that few WRPGs have in the past. While I was reviewing Birds of Prey and Heroes Over Europe , I found I was having more fun than anticipated and even though SFIV proved too frustrating for me, I played it for quite a while. This is why you always need to keep an open mind…you never know what you might find.

I resolve to keep a closer eye on the Network

Even with the many great games I've taken off the PSN, I still don't check the new releases on the PSN as often I should. One would think that after simply adoring titles like Flower , Echochrome , Wipeout HD , Shatter , Magic Ball and others, I'd be routinely going through any and all new releases on a weekly basis. And yet, towards the end of last year, the weeks started to fly by and I found myself getting behind in terms of PSN content. I got to some releases a little late and although they weren't exactly fantastic, they were fairly worthwhile experiences. Besides, with thatgamecompany working on their next game, I'll be guaranteed to nab that one, and many of the PSN exclusives just seem to keep getting better with time. So yeah, I should definitely hit that Network icon on my PS3 every Thursday.

I resolve to take no offense to the "gamers" who give real gamers a bad name

I maintain a vain belief that the majority of the immature gaming community will grow up, but with every passing year, I'm repeatedly disappointed. Bastions of idiocy still exist within communities all across the 'Net (N4G, Destructoid, etc.) and no matter what I do to avoid them, remnants of that rampant retardation tend to find their way to my eyes. I used to get frustrated, basically because I know these people make gamers look like abusive, entirely negative losers with gigantic superiority complexes, and I didn't appreciate it. But I've resolved to take no further notice; there isn't anything I can do about it, besides help run a website that makes a conscious effort to keep only civil, knowledgeable, relaxed members. If you guys know others who suffer through the crap we don't have to deal with, invite them over to PSXE. ­čÖé


I have non-gaming resolutions, too, but I won't bore you with the details. I want to be able to row for a straight 45 minutes without stopping, for instance; right now, I do 25 minutes, break for 7, then do another 25. And by the way, if anyone thinks this is easy, I suggest getting on a rowing machine. I've been doing it for over a year and a half and when I first started, I couldn't do more than 10 minutes. Now, I'll do nearly 15 without even breaking a sweat. I also want to up the weight amount I use one more time; currently, it's 1 65 lb. and 2 55 lb. weights for my workouts, but I'd like to be able to use 3 65s for all routines. I also plan to read War and Peace before 2010 is out, but I love reading too much and I have other classics I want to read first…

As for the girlfriend thing…eh. I have no comment at this time. Lastly, if anybody here doesn't recognize the pic here, I don't even know you. ­čśë

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