Ah, the holidays. They come around so fast and they're gone even faster. 🙁 Oh well, here's looking forward to an even better 2010!

Exclusivity still matters

While neither Sony or Microsoft seem to be overtly pursuing huge exclusives, in that they're continually approaching developers to create system-selling software…I almost think they should. Microsoft has been known to do this more in the past, but the idea of keeping a big title on only one console seems counterproductive from most every angle. This is a little frustrating from a gamer standpoint, too, just because exclusive titles tend to be the best games available for that particular platform. But look what a huge exclusive can do concerning hardware sales : FFXIII has caused PS3 sales in Japan to go through the roof and although FF is always big over there, we must also consider that FFXIII is not available for the Xbox 360 in that region. When the game launches here March, you can bet you won't see the same drastic PS3 sales spike. Sales may increase, of course, but nothing like a 216% surge.

This is why I'd like to think we'll see more PS3 exclusives in the future. The user base is to the point now where developers can still turn a healthy profit (plenty of potential consumers) and besides, they may wish to harness the power of the PS3. Uncharted 2 is a good example of something that must be on Sony's console and still manages to be a big success. As big as it would've been if it was multiplatform? Maybe not. But it might not be considered the best game of 2009, either, and PS3 sales would not have benefited as much. So yeah, if FFXIII has remained exclusive, Sony would be in a better position come March. That's all I'm saying.

I'm not sold on digital media

I'm just not. I'm not even sold on the supposed added convenience. I know you don't have to drive down to the store, I know you don't have to worry about a damaged disc, and I know you don't have to worry about losing said disc. But so what? I don't particularly like the idea of a game that stands at the mercy of a hard drive crash, and I constantly have to back everything up if I wish to keep my "collection" intact. At first, I just despised the idea of having my entire collection reduced to little electronic files on a screen – horrifying for a collector; the box art and being able to hold that disc in your hands is part of the collecting experience – but now I just dislike the entire idea. I certainly don't mind the concept of DLC and I also don't mind if some downloadable games are available. In all honestly, I'm satisfied with the way things are now. But it seems the inevitable shift will gain more momentum in 2010, and I'm a little worried that it all might happen before I'm ready.

I don't want to have to transfer a million tons of data every time I get a new console, even if that only means removing a hard drive. I'm not even sure how that's easier . Yes, it means we free up space in our homes but what does that really do to the gaming process? It doesn't speed anything up, unless you're talking about the 10 seconds saved by not having to insert a disc. Look, I don't care how stable it all is; anything can happen to that digital data. But my games are in cases and doin' just fine, thank you very much.

Personal gaming update

Well, as you may already know , I got Resident Evil 5 , Halo 3: ODST and Left 4 Dead 2 for Christmas so I'm good to go. However, you may find it humorous when I say I'm going to finish another play-through of Suikoden before I start on any of them. Thing is, I'm only about four or five hours from the end and I just want my 108 Stars of Destiny…as usual, it's an ongoing JRPG sickness that tends to kick in during the down times. But what should I play first when I'm done? I'm thinking Halo 3: ODST just because I think it's the shortest of the three and I can blow through it in a day or two. Then again, it annoys me that I've missed RE5 for this long…and I have to say, I've heard awesome things about L4D2. See the decisions I'm so often faced with? 😉

I'm still considering getting Bayonetta in a few weeks. It seems clear now that I need the 360 version and while I really love the game's style, I keep thinking it will turn into a chore. As in, more work then entertainment. But we'll see. It's not like I don't have anything else to play. 😉