Oh look, it's raining. …better not have this amount of precipitation when it gets below freezing; last winter was brutal enough.

Splinter Cell: Conviction will come to the PS3

This isn't based on anything besides personal theory so don't go repeating this as if it's fact. However, I do believe it's going to happen, especially after Ubisoft said there's always a chance that the new Splinter Cell might eventually come to Sony's console. As I said in the article, I still believe Ubisoft doesn't necessarily want this game to be exclusive anymore; they made this deal with Microsoft quite a long time ago, and well before the PS3 was really a factor in terms of software sales potential. As it stands now, Microsoft would've had to have handed over a ton of cash to make up for the 25 million potential customers Ubisoft is passing on. No publisher is keen on this idea and I'm almost certain we'll see a PS3 release at some point; you can think of it as another Bioshock situation and I consider it nigh-on inevitable. And while I know a lot of you aren't fans, I've always loved Splinter Cell so I've thought about this a lot.

Of course, I'll just get it on the 360 when it comes out, just because I'd rather not wait on a chance. The only other option is that Ubisoft simply wanted to focus on the 360 because it's a better system for their game, but…well, forgive me for thinking it's Option A and that Microsoft paid them off.

This generation can last for a loooong time

I know the PS3 came out only six years after the PS2 launched and while that may happen again (the 10-year lifespan of the PS3 doesn't mean we won't see another PlayStation in that span of time), I'd rather it didn't. And I'm also glad that developers are on the side of most gamers; Infinity Ward, for example, says we can get a lot more mileage out of the current generation of consoles. Well, after seeing what Naughty Dog achieved with Uncharted 2 and marking the growth and advancement thus far, it's difficult to believe that we'll never see anything better. No, I think most any game designer will say there's still plenty to learn – especially in regards to the PS3 – and although there's a definite press towards digital media, that format shift is still a long ways off. Besides, let's not forget that we've already gone through multiple hardware changes unlike during the last generation; the PS3 Slim could almost be considered to be another system launch. So yeah, I'd say we're good for at least a few more years.

Personal gaming update

So I'm working my way through Brutal Legend right now. It's a great game and definitely indicative of Tim Schafer's creative genius, but it's really not one of my favorites…I've just never liked a real-time strategy mechanic, even if it doesn't dominate the entire game. I simply don't find the stage battles in this game to be very fun and now that I think about it, I'd also rather have had this game be a straight-up action/platformer rather than an open-world sandbox-style game. I just find it a little repetitive and not as engrossing as past Schafer efforts like Psychonauts . Still, I'll probably finish it. Beyond that, I played the Clank demo for A Crack in Time , which was fun, and I'm also playing the new downloadable game, Trine . That one is pretty damn awesome; expect to see a review for it early this week.

I actually can't wait to go back through Uncharted 2 again. I've been aching for a second play-through after finishing it and thankfully, it seems I'll have the time to do it. The only game I really want to play in November is Dragon Age: Origins – just to see what it's like – but besides that, I can wait on the others. Stuff like Modern Warfare 2 is on my Christmas list. ­čśë

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