There are certain games that are kinda like the Rodney Dangerfields of the game industry; they just don't get the respect they deserve, regardless of how much praise they receive from the critics.

After seeing this article , I recalled all the great memories I had with both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 . Furthermore, it annoys me that even with the excellent critical reception for the sequel, the developer believes the overriding belief amongst fans is that it was a disappointment. I've heard this as well but it makes little or no sense as far as I'm concerned. I suppose the difference in movement and control is more subjective – the sequel moved faster and felt more like Call of Duty – but even so, the improvements were clear. And besides, since when is a Call of Duty style un popular? Are we forgetting just how awesome that single-player campaign was in Resistance 2 ? With the lone exception of Killzone 2 , R2 is my most favorite FPS of the generation.

The thrills were almost ceaseless, the AI was great, the giant enemies and size and scope of the game was fantastic, and I've wanted to go through it again ever since I finished it. Then you've got the multiplayer; we're talking about 60 players at once online and that's just insane. Until we heard about MAG , 60 was the record and all in all, R2 represented one of the most amazing and intense online multiplayer experiences around. Heck, it still does. I stand by every last word of my review and urge everyone who hasn't played it – perhaps due to the ridiculous negative feedback by other games; God only knows what they're disappointed about – to give it a try ASAP. The first Resistance was the only truly awesome game to launch with the PlayStation 3 way back in 2006 and it remained one of the best titles on store shelves for a very long time.

Yes, Killzone 2 may be the defining FPS of the generation thus far, but it's still wrong to discount the Resistance games. It's really unfair to Insomniac; they put forth this unbelievable sequel and while most all of the critics reward them appropriately, it just doesn't acquire the requisite admiration among the gaming public. It's a crime, I say.