Keep an eye out for our Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition giveaway, and in the meantime…well, it's a Saturday night and I'm trying to finish Katamari Forever .

"Boring" is very, very subjective

We all know this, but it's even more subjective than one might believe. When Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said Borderlands wouldn't be as "boring" as Fallout 3 , despite the similarity in regards to huge, expansive environments, I know what he means. A different sort of person might be interested in Borderlands , which features a lot more straight-up action. But this leads me to an additional point: even if you're a FPS fan and you enjoy that sort of action, you might not like the depth and RPG elements of Gearbox's promising title while at the same time, being a role-playing aficionado doesn't necessarily mean you'll like Fallout 3 . I've been an RPG fan for a very long time and the latter never once interested me; I really would find it immensely boring. It just isn't my thing and I don't understand why people are surprised; they're like, "oh, you're an RPG fan…how can you not like Fallout ?" Easy.

My point is that Pitchford was only going to rub people the wrong way because whenever you label a game as "boring," you're guaranteed to annoy a few people. There will inevitably be a group of fans out there who think the game you're referring to is pretty damn fun, so Randy should shelve that word in the future. I get what he was saying, but it can only amount to no good (even if you're promoting the fun factor of your own project).

Um…maybe action games CAN be too fast

I've always loved the Ninja Gaiden series but after playing the demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 , I realized that perhaps the speed has finally gotten to the point where it actually annoys me. I mean, I had a blast with that demo but it's kinda tough to string together any sort of combo strategy when the speed is so freakin' blinding. I don't remember the first NG on the Xbox being this fast and when it comes to "hectic," I do believe there's a line…and Tecmo may have crossed it. I remember trying out Ayane and going, "um, where'd she go?" There is definitely a distinct difference between something like this and God of War , which I find to have perfect, most refined gameplay speed. The combat in NG has always been awesome and it truly is demanding, but you always have fun when playing GoW; NG has always felt a bit more like a chore. And Sigma 2 , while fun at times, started to feel like a chore even after 45 minutes with the demo…which is a bad sign. So I had to pass.

Personal gaming update

As I said before, I'm nearing the end of Katamari Forever and it's definitely getting a little more challenging. In fact, this might be the most difficult installment yet; of course, when I say "difficult," I just mean mildly tough. The time limits seem to be a little more restricting than in other entries in the series, and the levels are designed in a way that requires you to really have a plan of attack. You can't just roll around aimlessly, especially in the later levels. I want to get this done because both Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Brutal Legend release this week, and I'm definitely getting both. That'll take up some time right there and although it has never been my thing, I might want to try Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time at the end of the month. It's going to be awesome, I'm sure.

Beyond that, I'm sure there are still plenty of reviews to do. And as for anything else of interest…well, can't think of anything. Sorry. 🙂

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