Now, I'm going to clarify before all the gaming gals jump down my throat and I see a hundred e-mails that say, "hey, I'm a girl and I play stuff like Gears of War !" Yes, well, I'm aware you exist, but I'm referring specifically to the non-gamer girl who simply doesn't understand your hobby, but isn't entirely adverse to learning more about it. The bottom line is that most girls, even today, still think there aren't any video games that will appeal to them. But this generation has seen the onset of more diverse and widely-appealing titles than ever before, so there's hope.

Here are the top 5 games that can get your girlfriend or significant other more involved in the world of virtual interactive entertainment. Heck, she might even enjoy herself.

5. Any music/rhythm game

Honestly, I knew this was going to happen. Women love music just like men do, and when they invented those plastic instruments – so it doesn't really seem like you're playing a "video game" – I figured the females would flock to this, and so they have. It's kinda like Dance Dance Revolution in that way. The big thing these days is to have Guitar Hero and Rock Band parties, and one shouldn't be surprised when half of that party is comprised of women. In fact, I've actually been specifically asked if I have either GH or RB at home…sadly, I don't, but damnit, there are other benefits to going home with me. 'cough' Oh, I'm not that kind of guy.

4. Wii Resort

I've never placed the Wii in the same category as the PS3 or Xbox 360, simply because it just doesn't belong there. And frankly, I can't conceive of having any fun with that system by myself. On the flip side, I have had plenty of fun playing stuff like Wii Resort with other people, and that includes girls; the game features everything from archery to canoeing so you're bound to find something she enjoys. And the ladies really do have a great deal of fun with this thing; maybe it's the whole motion sensing thing combined with the cutesy exterior; I don't know. But I do know that Wii Resort is kinda like catnip.

3. EyePet

It's basically an extension of the Wii technology, only about a bazillion times cooler, in my humble opinion. And if that cute little creature isn't expressly designed to make the females go, "Awwww…!" than I'm Abraham Lincoln. Obviously, it's for the whole family but let's face up to facts: EyePet is something the women might really love to see, just because it's not only adorable and fun, but it's also downright amazing from a technological standpoint. If you're feeling bold, you might want to pick this up for her as a holiday gift; she might balk at first, but once she sees that fluffy friend pop out and respond to her petting, she's gonna smile. Guaranteed.

2. LittleBigPlanet

Oh, it's just perfect. Not only is Sackboy himself a big draw, but the entire presentation, including those wonderfully designed levels, should appeal to the fairer sex. And let's not forget that you can do a lot when playing with another person. It's not complicated, it's almost ceaselessly entertaining, and because there are plenty of customization options, that's another big plus. Even if she has never picked up a controller in her life, she can – provided she has the requisite hand-eye coordination – learn quickly, and she'll get a kick out of first making Sackboy express himself. Playing along is part of the fun and there's enough content where you two could play co-op for quite a while…

1. Flower

This is the one that could make the girl gasp in surprise and then say something like, "wait…this is a game ?" Oh yes, it's a game, and it combines that motion sensing they tend to love so much with one of the prettiest and most relaxing experiences in gaming today. It's not two-player but the point is, if she gets into this, she's that much more willing to try other things in the video game world. Granted, Flower is kinda unique, but it proves two things: 1. gaming really has come a long way and there's a ton of originality if you know where to look, and 2. even "playing" as a stream of flower petals can be one of the more enjoyable virtual experiences one can have.

Disclaimer: Notice that at no point did I say if you get a girl to play any of these games, other perks are guaranteed. That's on you, champ.

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