Well, this is a new one.

We gamers apparently can't escape the negative labels, even when they come out of the blue and apparently have zero basis in truth and fact. I know we're steadily leaving the "geek" and "nerd" associations behind (at least, I hope we are), and I know as gaming becomes more mainstream, there will come a time when saying "I play games" will sound like the exact same thing as, "I watch movies." But I was at a social function just the other night and someone said something in passing that confused the ever-loving sh** out of me.

Somebody needed a ride home and asked if anyone might go out of their way to give her a lift. Before I could say a word, this idiot on my right piped up and said (indicating me), "well, he won't do it. He needs to get back to his games." At first, I just figured this was your standard ignorant remark I had assumed disappeared some time ago. But as I no longer care about things like embarrassment and humiliation (and in fact, I'm larger than most), I decided to seek some clarification. So I asked him what he meant, and he replied, "oh, no offense or anything, but every dude I've met who's into games is totally full of himself. Like he only cares about himself." The worst part? Three other people nodded after he said it.

…does anyone know what the hell he's talking about? Since when did the geeks become egotistical? Is it because people think gaming is still mostly a solitary hobby, and they'd rather fulfill their own desires than to cater to someone else's? Now, I know for a fact that many hardcore gamers have superiority complexes the size of Australia, but that's only online, where there's no danger of physical repercussions. In the real world, they're awkward, shy, and essentially worthless in social situations. So those people don't bother me; I've had their number figured out for years. But it really bugs me that although we went and cleared one hurdle, another one mysteriously pops up in its place. Is this just me, or has anyone else heard similar claims against gamers?

Well, anyway, just thought I'd share. And I did give the person a ride home, by the way. Why? Not because I was the only one who offered, but because I had the best car . ­čśë Eh, it's a shallow and materialistic satisfaction, but it'll do for now.

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