So let me see if I can get this straight-

Everyone still has a bone to pick with Sony concerning sales of the PlayStation 3. Now, I would most certainly agree with the negative assessment if that assessment made even the least bit of sense, but it doesn't. As I've found that many people have the attention span of gnats and won't read "walls of text" (which are basically no more than paragraphs), I'll break this down as clearly as I can. And I'll use small words, so all the Xbox 360 fankids who keep laughing about the PS3 will be able to follow.

Point 1: The Xbox 360 had a one-year head-start and on top of which, there was zero competition for that one year. It was the only "next-gen" console available.

Point 2: The PS3 launched at a ridiculous $600 price point and remains the most expensive console out there. It's still the most expensive console and yet , in a freakin' recession , it has managed to keep pace with the 360.

Point 3: The PS3 kept pace with the 360 before the vast majority of the popular exclusives arrive; we haven't yet seen God of War III , Gran Turismo 5 , Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , MAG , The Last Guardian , and others; it has really only been MGS4 and Killzone 2 that have contributed heavily thus far.

Point 4: The PS3 kept pace with the 360 during a time when developers had yet to really grasp the complexity of the PS3's hardware, and multiplatform games were often inferior on Sony's machine.

Point 5: The PS3 kept pace with the 360 during a time when the PlayStation Network essentially started from nothing and had to build to catch Xbox Live. In 2007, the two services weren't even comparable on any level.

Now that we've established these points, let's remind you further: In 32 months, the PS3 has sold about 24.6 million units while the Xbox 360 sold about 30.2 million units in 44 months. Mathematically speaking, the PS3 has been the faster selling console. Granted, it may not be up to "Sony standards" after the domination of the PS2, but considering all the preceding factors, how can anyone whine about the sales figures? Furthermore, consider the future:

The PS3 will invariably fall in price. The Network has finally reached Live in my eyes (and in terms of certain exclusive downloadable software, has surpassed it, IMO). The recession should lessen pressure and this lessened pressure will coincide with the aforementioned price cut. The exclusives just about

avid gamer wants are coming for the PS3; not so much for the 360. Developers have long since come to terms with the PS3; many say its potential remains mostly untapped and multiplatform titles are now basically identical all the time. You could bring up the competing motion sensing technologies, but nobody has any idea how either will fare right now. …am I the

one that is willing to use logic and common sense when analyzing the sales figures?

P.S. Any 360 fans who want to toss up that sorry list of exclusives as if it has any shot of competing with the list for the PS3; don't bother. It'll just waste our time.

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