Earlier this week, Denis Dyack said that our current multiple console format in the industry is slowing us down , and that we should take a step forward, learn from the movies, and produce a universal console that would play all video games.

Obviously, there's another very vocal group that says this would immediately have a negative impact on the quality of games, because with multiple consoles, there is automatic competition. And as we all know, competition begets quality, even if the only motivation is to top the other guy. However, while this remains a viable argument, and I haven't really decided on the matter, there is one benefit to a universal game system: at the very least, it'd kill off the fanboys. They would die a much-deserved death and then – blessedly – maybe this industry can grow a bit. Maybe we can move past the hundreds of so-called "journalists" with not-so-hidden agendas. Maybe those of an adult age might start acting like adults. Of course, certain sites that only exist to promote adolescent flaming and raving over this subject (and you know what they are) would disappear overnight. How peaceful. How very mature.

We'd be able to stop dealing with the kids who read the name of this site, the headline, not a word more of the article, and immediately launch into a superiority complex-driven, self-righteous rant of depressing proportions. Maybe articles of ours about why the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 may be the best gaming tandem since the SNES/Genesis would garner as much attention as when we say the Network appears to be outstripping Live at this moment in time. Maybe legitimate sources wouldn't have to constantly add disclaimers to articles that try to convince the readers the writer isn't a "fanboy." In short, with the advent of a universal console, maybe everyone would just grow the fu** up. Sure, we might still have the people who support BioWare over Square-Enix or something (like with movie fanatics, where debates will rage over who's the better director; Coppola or Scorsese), but at least we will have removed the tumor that ails the gaming community and shackles our ankles. There is no moving forward with this level of childishness permeating ever last corner of the social gaming community.

I'd almost be willing to take a cut in quality to eliminate such a tumor. It would be an agreeable sacrifice in my eyes. No longer would a person's sole purpose in life be to dissect every last editorial written in an attempt to spot bias. No longer would every last "debate" erupt into pathetic flaming and other personal attacks. It might force everyone to abandon such idiocy, simply because the option won't exist anymore. And because we clearly can't fend for ourselves, a higher power might have to strip away the cause of the problem.

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