As a gamer with a certain amount of free time at his disposal, I typically try to have a couple consoles for each generation. I had the SNES and Genesis, the PS1 and Dreamcast (although the PS1 quickly took precedence), the PS2 and Xbox, and now, the PS3 and Xbox 360. I got the 360 during the summer of 2006 – several months before the PS3 launched – and a year later, I believe I had six 360 games and four PS3 games. Now obviously, I don't buy things arbitrarily.

I think we all know that during the first year of the PS3's existence, there wasn't a huge amount of must-have titles. Secondly, it was a time when many PS3 versions of multiplatform titles were inferior to their 360 counterparts because developers hadn't gotten a firm grasp on Sony's new hardware. Therefore, it was hardly surprising to see that the majority of my next-gen titles were on the 360. However, as of right now, I have 24 PS3 games and 8 360 games…which means that in the past couple of years, I've bought 2 more 360 games and 18 more PS3 games. Granted, I only own a few of those PS3 games ( Folklore and SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation included) because I received them for review purposes, but the fact remains that my 360 continues to gather dust. It's not just the exclusives – MGS4, Killzone 2 , Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , Heavenly Sword , inFamous , Resistance and Resistance 2 , Warhawk , Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds , LittleBigPlanet , etc. – it's also the fact that I've always preferred the PS3 controller. The system is also more reliable and these days, multiplats are basically identical.

Yeah, I've had a blast playing Gears of War 2 , Lost Odyssey , and Beautiful Katamari , and I've always wanted to play Left 4 Dead and Fable II , but that's about where it ends for that system. I like the fact that the Network is free and by now, it has made great strides and isn't all that different from Live (which I just don't have the motivation to sign up for), and the PlayStation Store has just about everything I could ever want ( Wipeout HD , echochrome , Flower , flOw , etc.). The bottom line is that I own my consoles for games , and when I look at my contrasting game libraries, I have to realize something painfully obvious: once again, and as was the case with the PS2/Xbox generation, Sony's piece of hardware delivers more software that I want on a more routine basis. Looking down the road, with the likes of God of War III , Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , MAG , Gran Turismo 5 , Heavy Rain , Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time and White Knight Chronicles , I just see this trend continuing. Sure, I want Alan Wake and the next Gears and Halo , but the 360 library seems destined to lag behind the PS3's.

Now, believe it or not, I don't like it when it's this lopsided. Therefore, I am asking you for some 360 software ideas. Yes, I want to flesh out my collection a little more; it looks absolutely pathetic next to my PS3 collection, and I know I want to play L4D, although I may not have time for Fable II . Any other suggestions? What have you played and enjoyed? And bear in mind that I'm not a big online player – as you've already guessed – and I can't really waste a huge chunk of time on long RPGs. However, just for the record, if they made another Lost Odyssey , I'd buy it immediately. I'll also be getting Final Fantasy XIII on Day 1. But the point is, I just want a great game that I can only play on the 360, other than the two titles I've already mentioned. So, who has some ideas?

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