These thunderstorms are freaky. …no, I don't know why I often start these things with a comment on the weather. Maybe it's age. 'sigh'

I sooooo want Suikoden VI…provided it's turn-based

So Konami has gone and trademarked a new Suikoden title , and fans of the franchise are hoping it'll be the long-awaited sixth installment for next-gen consoles (preferably the PS3, as most all Suikoden s are exclusive to the PlayStation platform). If you've never played one of these games, you've definitely missed out: in my humble opinion, it's the second-best role-playing franchise of all time. Granted, it comes in a distant second to Final Fantasy , but then again, just about anything does. The Suikoden series has always excelled in the area of storytelling and character development, and it's for this reason I so love all the games. I didn't play Suikoden IV because I heard it was sub-par, but I played and very much enjoyed the other four, and they were all immense amounts of fun. However, if Konami decides to abandon the standard turn-based, random-battle format like most all other developers, I'm gonna be pissed . I swear, I won't buy it and I'll just sit here and play one of the older titles again.

I don't mind advancement, but there are certain things that must remain the same in my eyes. I don't care how good you can make real-time combat for Suikoden VI ; I want the old-fashioned turn-based system because that's how I identify with that series. Do you understand me, Konami? Don't eff this up. Of course, now that I've gone on this rant, it'll be a new Suikoden for the DS.

What IS Square-Enix's new game?

Now I'm all intrigued. I've got RPGs on the brain and I've been pondering that official countdown ; perhaps the best possibility is a new SaGa title of some kind, but that may be a stretch. Heck, anything might be a stretch at this point. I always thought Square-Enix had a full plate, what with Final Fantasy XIII , Final Fantasy Versus XIII , Final Fantasy Agito XIII and now, Final Fantasy XIV . This is why I think this new game may be for a handheld, like the PSP Go, but there's really no way of knowing until the end of next week. I know it doesn't go with the "4" hint they gave us, but I can tell you the projects I most want to see from S-E: a sequel to Vagrant Story , a new game in the Chrono franchise, or a new entry in the Mana series that began way back with Secret of Mana on the SNES. Of course, I also want a true sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics but that's a dream that has been on life support for years…I should probably just pull the plug. The new Front Mission has already been revealed, too, so we can scratch that one. So what might it be…?

I think we all know that Square-Enix hasn't yet delivered a damn thing for PS3 owners, but the lineup is promising enough to re-earn our respect, right? I mean, we've all waited a long time – that's for damn sure – but we gamers are fickle: if the aforementioned games rule, we'll just have to love S-E again. Might they add another potential "AAA" title to the lineup when that countdown is complete…?

Personal gaming update

So after beating inFamous , I haven't been able to get back into Final Fantasy VIII , which I knew would happen. I get these urges a lot but I rarely have the time to see them through; if I never had anything else to play that would interrupt my time, I'd finish 'em, but that just ain't the case. Besides, a new urge has popped up: to play FFX again. Like FFVIII, I only played it once and I've always meant to go back through it. I'm also getting bored with Top Spin 3 ; I started up a new Career and everything, but the game is too easy for me now. I never lose. I'm hoping that when Virtua Tennis 2K9 arrives next week for me, that'll be my new tennis fix, but I'm not holding my breath. Those games have never been as realistic as TS, and that bugs me. Other than that, I'm really just waiting on Resident Evil 5 , which I should get for my birthday in August.

As for other stuff, I am saddened at Michael Jackson's passing. While I know it's somewhat of a cop-out to say "oh, he was a victim," it's still absolutely true; his father should've been arrested long ago, as far as I'm concerned. It's terrible what they did to him, and the saddest part is I don't think anyone really cared for him throughout his whole life…I think everyone just saw him as a meal ticket and treated him as such. That man needed therapy by the time he was 15 and it never came. But in the end, even if he did victimize some children (which wasn't proven, but whatever), I have to say that the good he did; the millions of people that enjoyed his music and performances, and the millions of dollars that went to countless charities…I think all of it is worthy of our praise.

Oh, and there is one last thing about my personal life, but I won't be talking about it on PSXE. I know people always seem to be interested, but this one stays quiet. It's too sensitive. Only Arnold knows and HE wouldn't be cruel enough to reveal it here. Um…right, Arnold? Anyway, let's just say it's a special situation and I haven't resolved what I'm going to do about it yet. But in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't have anything to do with either Ms. Amy or Ms. Courtney, who don't really talk to me anymore.

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