Okay, before I explain the headline, let me give you a brief history:

Right around the mid-'80s, Nintendo dropped my jaw with the NES (really, what young boy's jaw didn't drop at the time?), which I believed would make me a fan for life. The SNES reaffirmed that belief and although I liked the Genesis, too, I remained firm in my assessment that nobody beat Nintendo. Then came the N64 and the original PlayStation, and because my gaming preferences had shifted to RPGs, and my old favs like Chrono Trigger , Secret of Mana , and Final Fantasy VI seemed to take the next step on Sony's new machine, I vastly preferred it over the N64. In truth, I despised the N64. Then came the PS2/GC/Xbox generation and despite my hopes for Nintendo regaining my heart, the GC gave me little to get excited about. I owned both the PS2 and Xbox and for a time, the Xbox had a lot of stuff I wanted to play; it had the best multiplatform versions of most games, and I loved early stuff like Halo , Deathrow and Splinter Cell .

But as the generation progressed, I found my PS2 collection was simply growing a lot faster than my Xbox collection. Again, this was largely due to my RPG preference, but let's not forget the GTAs (if they weren't exclusive, they at least had lengthy timed exclusivity), and games with names like Devil May Cry , God of War , Katamari Damacy , Shadow of the Colossus , Amplitude , Gran Turismo , Metal Gear Solid . So, I ended up with like 60 PS2 games and maybe 15 Xbox games. Now…it's happening again. At one point, I had 6 Xbox 360 games and 4 PlayStation 3 games. I now have 23 PS3 games and 8 360 games. Why? Well, something happened that always seems to happen each generation: Sony came with the games. Killzone 2 , Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , inFamous , Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , Warhawk , etc. And furthermore, because third-parties got past some early difficulties, most all multiplat titles are identical between the PS3 and 360 these days, and I prefer the PS3 controller, so…

Yeah, I got The Orange Box on the 360, and I played F.E.A.R. on the 360 because the PS3 versions were inferior. But then that changed, and since then, I've really only played Gears of War 2 . It ruled; don't get me wrong, but…well, other than Lost Odyssey and Beautiful Katamari , I haven't touched my 360 in over a year. Look, I don't go out of my way to find random games for the PS3 just so I can say I play it more. I don't avoid games on the 360 so I can make the same claim. All I want – all I've ever wanted – is to play the best games available that pique my interest, and I guess it's just a coincidence that for three generations running, I own multiple consoles but invariably end up playing Sony's machine more often. A lot more often. And looking down the road, we all know what Sony's exclusive lineup looks like, so I don't see anything changing drastically in the coming years.

Don't ask me why this keeps happening. I have no answers. But it has happened again… ­čśë

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