First of all, I would just like to say that I believe Arnold and I did everything we could to bring you the fastest and most detailed coverage of Sony's press conference. Arnold's live updates were literally second-to-second and I nearly broke my fingers and roasted my eyes in turning it all into actual headlines and stories in record time. We had no less than seven updates on the main page before the conference was even over , and we just keep bringing you more. Many of the screenshots are already here, three previews are already done (with many more coming tomorrow), and the videos are right around the corner. Really, there's not much more we can do to bring E3 directly into your living rooms. 😉

Anyway, Sony really needed to step up after Microsoft's conference and I'm happy to say that it did. For me, it's always all about the games and as I've been saying right along, Sony's software lineup vastly outstrips Microsoft's. As much as I want Alan Wake , there's just no comparison to the likes of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , God of War III , MAG , Heavy Rain , Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time , etc. It's too bad we didn't see more of the last two, but I loved to see The Last Guardian ; Project ICO's mystery game that we've only recently known as "Project Trico." That was the same video we saw several weeks ago but it was still downright gorgeous in every sense of the word. Really, I've always been all about the games, which is why I focus so heavily on them in my analysis of anything, including E3 press conferences. Let's not forget the huge bolstering of the PSP lineup, what with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker , Gran Turismo and that new exclusive Resident Evil . And not to mention that slick PSP Go! which admittedly doesn't interest me.

Something else that I didn't think would interest me is that motion sensing tech they showed off. I just never care for that type of thing, but after seeing similar technology at Microsoft's conference yesterday, I was intrigued…and what was shown at Sony's conference really blew me away. It was the first time I've ever looked at motion-sensing anything and said, "I gotta try that." I still would've rather seen Kingdom Hearts III or Twisted Metal or something, but even so, that was pretty damn special. Oh, and while I kinda sat back in my seat and frowned at the idea of a game called ModNation Racers , I quickly recalled my appreciation of LittleBigPlanet . Then I began to watch the presentation with interest and I figured I'd have to give it a try. It doesn't sit super high on my priority list, but it's just another step in the right direction for Sony, in my honest opinion. But getting back to the games for a second…

I think I watched the Uncharted 2 and the God of War III gameplay presentations in the same manner: rarely blinking, fingers clasped tightly around around the edges of my chair, whispering to myself every ten seconds, "holy fu**, this game will rule ALL!" Who didn't laugh sadistically when Kratos ripped the horn off that awesome enemy and stabbed him through the eye with it? Seriously? And although I'm really not into MMOs, MAG just looks so effing creative and innovative; I will have to give it a whirl. Unbelievable. As for that surprise announcement for Final Fantasy XIV , I believe the conversation between Arnold and I, when Tretton was speaking, went something like this:

Me: "wait…wait…"

Arnold: "what?!"

Me: "WHAT?! WHAT?!"

Arnold: "WTF!"

Me: "This can't be…"

Arnold: "WHAT?!?! WTF?!?!"

After hearing Tretton say he's revealing FFXIV footage for the first time ever, that it's coming in 2010 and that it's exclusive to the PlayStation 3-

Me: "HOLY FU***** SH**!!!!!!

Of course, this was before I realized it's going to be a MMO, but even so, it's a great announcement for Sony. I was hoping they were talking about the distant future, and the next true installment after FFXIII would once again be a PS3 exclusive. But whatever. I don't care at all that FFXIII will be a multiplat; I just know that after viewing that trailer at Sony's press conference, I was smitten …again. And I think that just about sums things up for me. Hopefully, you enjoyed our coverage and make sure to read the previews I just did for Assassin's Creed II , Tony Hawk: Ride and Heavy Rain . Much more to come! Oh yeah, and I'm pretty much in love with ACII right now. Let's not forget that.

P.S. …this is the kind of non-stop work that can make you ignore other aspects of your life, like women calling you at exactly the wrong time. That's all I'll say. LOL