Okay. No comment on what's going on – personally – right now. Just gaming. 🙂

You know…I don't really care what Kojima's new game is

No, I don't. I don't care. I don't give a flying fig what the game is, or what it'll be called. Know why? Because Hideo Kojima made it, so it's gonna be awesome; no ifs, ands or buts about it. I found it interesting that his project might actually be Tornado Outbreak , but I only thought about it for a fleeting moment. I sat there and went, "hmm…wonder how that might work…" for about ten seconds and then my very reasonable brain just said, "dude, this is Kojima. It's going to rule, no matter what." Now, I will freely admit that whatever he makes may not fall into my wheelhouse; i.e., if he creates a flight sim or RTS, I probably won't play it. But despite my own personal preferences, I can pretty much guarantee it'll be a quality production and one that likely takes another step up the video game innovation ladder. There's no denying this guy's drive and talent, and to waste time debating over his new project is almost an insult… Perfectionists don't screw things up. They may create something you're not interested in, but they won't screw it up. That much, I promise.

A Slim PS3, eh? Hmm…

When I first heard about the "redesigned" PS3 Sony would supposedly unveil at E3, I didn't pay much attention. Such rumors are always evident every year, and "redesigned" is incredibly vague; it could mean just about anything. Then we got those leaked photos of what appears to be the new PS3 Slim and I said to myself, "well…that should definitely work." I never really had a problem with the PS3's size, but I can see how it might be a detriment: it's super crazy heavy and yes, a bit cumbersome. Besides, after all the technological advancements they've made in the past few years, it's clear Sony doesn't need all that space inside any longer. Now, the only question is: if they do reveal this slimmer, thinner, lighter PS3, does that mean they announce a price cut at the same time? A cosmetic change is always nice but in the end, that's all it is…cosmetic. It really doesn't change the impact it has on our wallets and these days, that's what consumers care about most. I say it would make for an awesome setup. Just say, "here comes the new PS3 Slim and oh, by the way, it'll be cheaper, too!" 🙂

Personal gaming update

I'm wandering around Dollet in FFVIII, Drawing all the first-level magic out of the enemies so I can Mid-Mag RF my 100 Fires into 20 Firas and so on. And because I have a disease , I absolutely won't stop until I have 100 of each of those second-level spells, which means it takes a little while. If any of you are lost, it means you haven't played FFVIII and if that's the case…well then, shame on you. 😉 I go back to LBP every now and then but at this point, I feel like I'm just waiting on inFamous , which I'm fairly convinced I want to play now. Either that, or Red Faction: Guerilla …but I'm trying to save a little money, just because I had to drop an unexpected grand on my root canal this past week, and there are other extenuating circumstances.

Circumstances I will not get into at this juncture. Night all. 🙂

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