So last week, I explained how I made a significant impact on a group of girls, all of which were business professionals between the ages of 27 and 32 and hadn't played a video game in their entire lives. …you know, the typical women that tend to gravitate towards me, for whatever reason. I described them as women you might find in "Sex in the City," which I learned later is actually "Sex and and the City," which only goes to show how little I know of the show.

But anyway, it seems I'm obligated to provide y'all with a bit of an update. Unfortunately, while I will allow our precious readers (no sarcasm) a glimpse into certain aspects of my personal life to encourage a more community-like atmosphere, I really can't go into details. Let's just say it was a fairly standard date…with one bizarre exception. As some of you who keep up with us on Twitter already know, I've finally started playing LittleBigPlanet . Yes, I'm well aware I'm behind; as Arnold said, "welcome to 2008." It's true, and I do regret not playing it back in November; it really is quite amazing on just about every possible level. I'll leave more impressions for my Week in Review tomorrow night, and for now, I'll just focus on the immense effect it had on Courtney. For the sake of the lady's privacy, that's not her real name but for the record, she said she didn't mind if she was the star of one of my little editorials.

An operations manager with a large insurance firm. May have glimpsed Donkey Kong when she was a little girl. Makes the typical associations and stereotypes when she hears the label, "gamer." Well, the latter clarification came early when I first met her and her friends last week; I simply don't "qualify" as a gamer, so says my 55 and 65lb. weights and luxury-laden M35x. And yet, I promise you all – as if you needed any further evidence based on my Final Fantasy Tactics and RPG loving – I'm one of the biggest geeks on earth. I don't go in for the comic book or Star Trek stuff, but as far as that group was concerned, I should've been a pale, glasses-wearing virgin living in his parents' basement. This idea disappeared in a flash last week and this week, Ms. Courtney learned a bit more about me (and I about her, but that remains confidential). Anyway, as her little discovery had an intriguing impact on her, she wanted to see some of these games…you can imagine how much fun that was.

If you guys ever have the opportunity to show off games like Killzone 2 , MGS4, GT5: Prologue , etc. to someone who hasn't seen a video game in several decades, don't miss the chance. Their jaws drop to the floor. It's hilarious. Then we got to LittleBigPlanet and although she had never held a PlayStation controller, she's not a spaz (women tend to have good reflexes and dexterity, anyway) and once she started toying around with SackBoy, I couldn't tear her away. We got together on some co-op fun and she was entranced . Let me try to paint the picture for you: a relatively tall, slender woman with brown, curly hair and a cute yet mature face, dressed in a professional pantsuit designed for a nice night out…….sitting cross-legged on the floor, bending over a PS3 controller held awkwardly in her hands with the finely lacquered nails, gazing intently at a TV screen and giggling like a schoolgirl every few minutes. It's difficult to sufficiently describe my feelings when watching this, but it was worthy of my rapt attention.

Will we see each other again? Yeah. I have a few issues with her but they're relatively minor and as any guy will tell you, "minor issues" aren't enough to override physical hotness. I have morals but they only stretch so far, especially considering the fact that I have no long-term/commitment intentions. But the best part? The next date has to involve LBP in some capacity.


WTF planet am I on?!?!?!?! ­čśë

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