Okay, now I have that fabulous PS3 Prize Pack Giveaway up, I can do my thing. ­čÖé

Don't sleep on Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams

It should come out this year, and I don't know about you, but I'm thoroughly psyched for this one. I only realized that it had slid beneath my radar when I saw the teaser website had opened. There are just so many fantastic titles on the horizon; it's the only reason this game somehow managed to escape my attention for an extended period of time. I really loved the original – it remains one of my favorite games of the generation – and it was primarily due to the atmosphere. Nothing felt like that game, and I'm including all genres; not just FPSs. There was just something about the environment coupled with those role-playing elements implemented into a standard FPS format… It really got me. I have the highest hopes possible for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams , and while I still have Uncharted 2: Among Thieves higher on my "most anticipated" list, 2K's sequel is right up there. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to play the original again! I had always planned to pick up the PS3 version; it would act as an excuse for a replay.

I just never got around to it. Way too many games, you know? Besides, now that I have an RPG sitting there (it's a freakin' surprise these days), I now have my next few weeks of gaming all mapped out.

Just give me Shadow of the Colossus 2 and I'll be happy

It appears that we're mere weeks away from learning about Team ICO's mystery PS3 exclusive , and I'm hoping against hope that it's a sequel to one of my favorite games on the PS2. The level of artistry is still mind-boggling even today, and I enjoyed the entire experience from start to finish. Unbelievably original and endlessly engaging; it's the kind of game that is almost instantly memorable. After killing the first Colossus, I was like, "hey, this is kinda cool," and by the time the second fell, I was completely hooked. I loved them all, and I have a little pride in saying I managed to take all 15 Colossi down without consulting a FAQ…well, all except the 12th. The solution was just too obscure; how was I supposed to know to hit the little spikes on that thing's head with my sword, just so he'll walk in a certain direction? Silly. But beyond that, it was a wondrous adventure, and I sooooo want a sequel. Chances are, Team ICO is preparing another IP, but you never know, because they've managed to keep this project very secret.

The only piece of evidence that makes me believe it's not SotC2 is this: they said they couldn't decide on a title for several months, and one has to wonder…how hard could it be to come up with "Shadow of the Colossus 2?" Yeah, I'm thinking IP.

Personal gaming update

So I'm right at the end of Killzone 2 – the final fight in the palace with Radec's goons (and Radec, I assume). I got up to the second balcony and died a few times, then stopped. I had already been playing for a few hours and I needed to get some stuff done (you know, like this article here). The game rocks, plain and simple. I could elaborate, but there's really no need; most of you already know it rocks hardcore. I downloaded the patch, but I'm not noticing any change in the controls. Then again, I didn't notice any "dead zone" before this, either, so I guess I shouldn't say nothing happened. As soon as I'm done, it's on to Star Ocean: The Last Hope , and I assume I'll play Resident Evil 5 at some point, too. After that, I really don't have hard-and-fast plans until the big titles drop later in the year.

There really isn't much else to report. I didn't go out tonight as I sometimes do, which makes it almost a month since I've done anything social (besides just hanging out with a friend or two). I suppose I should rekindle the club thing next weekend, but I dunno…got stuff to play, you know. ­čśë

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