Before anyone takes the headline too literally, I would just like to clarify that I'm not necessarily referring only to the PlayStation 3. I'm just really disappointed in the overall lack of role-playing games this generation.

Look, I know we'll never again see the days of the original PlayStation, when RPGs were a super big deal and Squaresoft was essentially Godlike according to fans of the genre. I'm not really even asking for a return to the days of the PS2, when we at least saw plenty of RPGs in the second, third, and fourth years of the system's existence. All I'm asking for are a few RPGs here and there that I may wish to play; yes, we had Valkyria Chronicles and a few other gems last year, but in looking at 2009 and beyond, I had really hoped to see some RPGs on my "most anticipated" list. A decade ago, such a list was almost entirely comprised of RPGs! Now, I'm lucky if I can find one or two to add, and it's not only disappointing, it's a little worrisome…is the RPG dying out amidst this new explosion of technology and hectic insanity?

This will be the third year of the PS3's existence and thus far, I really just keep looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII . I'm definitely interested in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel , which releases later this month (looks like Champions of Norrath for the PS3!), and Demon's Souls , which hasn't yet arrived in North America. Another one is White Knight Chronicles , which I really can't wait for, either, but after that, I'm scraping the bottom of the RPG barrel. Fellow fans, don't you remember playing all the Suikoden , Wild ARMs , Vandal Hearts , Legaia , and Lunar titles, along with individual gems like Vagrant Story , Chrono Cross , Star Ocean: The 2nd Story , Thousand Arms (shut up, it was good), etc, etc, etc.? I played many of these within a three-year span… Then there was the PS2, and while it took a little longer, my RPG collection for that console is still pretty damn impressive.

The point is, after two years with each of the previous two PlayStations, not only did I have more RPGs to play, but there were many more on the immediate horizon. The PS3…? Hey, I'm not complaining with what I have. I love the system and the exclusives thus far have been incredible. I very much enjoy playing great titles, regardless of the genre, but I always have a soft spot for the RPGs, which appear to be extremely scarce. I suppose I could just lose myself in something like the Disgaea games, but that's not really what I'm looking for, and besides, I don't have that much time on my hands. It's just that, Square-Enix doesn't appear to be doing anything for us, my much-awaited Suikoden VI may never exist, and what the heck happened to Legaia and Wild ARMs , and for that matter, a Legend of Dragoon sequel? Oh yeah, I know: no more turn-based allowed. I've got only one response to that-

What ever .

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