Happy Valent-! Eh, screw it, I don't care that it's another non-holiday. Is it at all bizarre that I'm sitting here watching "Swingers?" Which just so happens to be one of the PSXE boys' favorite movies…? Whatever.

What is going ON with my Final Fantasy XIII?

Okay, so somehow, Dragon Quest IX may have an adverse effect on the launch of Final Fantasy XIII , which is already a long ways off. I have said multiple times in the past that when the final result arrives, it will erase any and all reservations and acquired hatred the fans may have for Square-Enix. After all, an awesome game is an awesome game, especially when we're talking about the RPG for most role-playing aficionados. But I've realized there are a few things going against both the game and the publisher this time around. First of all, Square-Enix never had this amount of negative energy floating about the game industry before, and it's starting to build. A DS game pushing back FFXIII…? What ? Secondly, the gap between FFXII and FFXIII is really going to weary the avid franchise followers (like myself) and at some point, we're liable to forget . The whole situation is starting to worry me, and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

Now, just to clarify, I will be getting the game the day it comes out. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it's gonna be. But at the same time, I've become leery of Square-Enix's business practices, and the mere fact that they're nothing like the Squaresoft I adored a decade ago irks me. Hell, it annoys the crap out of me. And I'm not the only one; the point is, all this negativity circulating throughout Square-Enix's fanbase is going to have some backlash. I just think it's unavoidable.

God of War III…holy &*%*, that *%(Q is the (#%*!!!

New gameplay details are in, and there's a new full-length video , which is, unbelievably enough, real-time . That was enough to amp my excitement level through the damn roof, and it was already pretty effing high. I think the thing that really hit me right between the eyes was the combat style; it wasn't so much the visuals, it was what Kratos was doing . Now, we've heard that the camera will sit closer and a bit behind Kratos in this new installment, and we see that clearly in this awesome preview. But look at the dynamic control and atmosphere! I wasn't even playing, and that video was enough to make me sweat. This could very well be the most intense action experience we've ever had, although that may be jumping the gun…the game may not arrive for another year. Remember, the popular theory is that March 2010 is the launch for GoWIII; the previous two entries both came out in March, so…

Anyway, I think GoWIII may have topped Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as my #1 most anticipated title of the generation at this point. But as amazing as the latter looks, it's a tough race, and that's a good sign for the future.

Personal gaming update

Well, now that I have all the powers in Prince of Persia , I should be able to finish it up pretty soon. However, over the past few days, Flower has taken up all my attention; I just wish it was longer. You can finish it less than three hours without a problem, and I'm not sure if there's a reason to go back and re-do the levels again. I will go back, though, just because of how much fun – and how relaxing – it is. Killzone 2 is next and after that, yeah, I'm probably going to play Resident Evil 5 . I'm starting to become a very large fan of what's on the PSN, though; talk about innovation and originality ! And at some point here, I'm going to pick up LittleBigPlanet just because I have to. I mean, I feel terrible that it's not part of my collection.

So that's it. Hope you guys are having a happy V-Day, and if not…well, there's always the candy sale. Leap all over the clearance sales; just don't eat too much of that stuff. I'm guaranteed to eat some, which means I'm guaranteed to ramp up the rowing regiment for the next week. Oh well.

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